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Janek Salmistu replied to a topic
Jan 05, 2015
Please feel free to download shared file: David and [...]
 The smallest decathlete
ChrisB replied to a topic
Jan 04, 2015
Indeed Harry, Jeff Bennet 173 cm/8006 points. The biggest: Jörg ‐Peter Schäperkötter …
 The smallest decathlete
Vang replied to a topic
Jan 04, 2015
Thanks, I see that he was good especially in running: 10. 73 on 100m, 46. 25 on 400m and great …
 The smallest decathlete
Harry Marra replied to a topic
Jan 04, 2015
How about JEFF BENNETT? Oklahoma Christian College/USA. . . 4th in Munich '72. PR of 8000+ . Now …
 The smallest decathlete
Vang started a topic
Jan 02, 2015
Hi guys! I'm thinking about whose decathlete was the smallest in athletics history, but PB must …
 The smallest decathlete
Sonnemann,Gunther replied to a topic
Nov 26, 2014
the enlarged version 2014 considers above all that all movements take place in the high jump in the …
 Calculation of part heights in the high jump
Jörg started a topic
Nov 21, 2014
The timtabel for Decathlon in Bejing is murderous! 9: 00 100m 20. 20 400m 9: 00 110m H. !!!! …
 WC Bejiing 2015 Decathlon
dadi started a topic
Aug 19, 2014
The Algerian BOURRADA LARBI won his third africain championships at Marakech (10/11 August) with a …
 Africain championships 10/11 August 2014
Ben Lukins replied to a topic
Jan 24, 2014
Hey, sorry I didnt get back to you for a while. I am based at Armidale, in the New England …
 Coaching and Training
Sonnemann,Gunther started a topic
Jan 07, 2014
The high jump height is determined by many performance signs. The logical mutual influencing of …
 Calculation of part heights in the high jump