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Latest post: Richard Crawford, Feb 25, 2021
Posted: Feb 25, 2021
I began building databases of decathlon and heptathlon performances since 2002. I have applied only one filter -- adult hurdles and implements. I include everything I can find on the Internet, in books, newspapers, magazines, or anywhere else. So far, I have well over 90,000 entries in each database, representing about 30,000 athletes of each gender and covering the years 1988 to the present.

There are some major holes in the databases, of course. I have essentially no data from mainland China. Women's data before about the year 2000 is much harder to find than men's (thanks to Decathlon 2000!!). I have complete results of the decathlon at 1994 European Cup 2nd League meeting in Copenhagen, but nothing whatsoever for the heptathlon.

Do any of you have your own collections of data? I'm more than willing to share notes and data.

Dick Crawford
Culver City, California, USA
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