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Avid decathlon fan - witnessed Dan's pole vault collapse in 1992 Olympic Trials
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Re: Past IAAF scoring table
Posted: Aug 20, 2016
I believe I have them. Email me and I will send them to you if interested.
I have always felt this way. What do you all think?
Here are their books:

Both look very interesting.

Dr. Z's site lists books on other decathletes:

There are quite a few out there on Daley, Jenner and Thorpe.
I'd love to read more on Sebrle, Avilov, Dvorak, Nool, Pappas, Holdorf, to name a few. Does anyone know of any more "decathlon" books that they can post?

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Joshi is right. Shot put measures power not basic arm strength.
Any details on Seurey's deca?
Decathlon national records
parkerclay wrote on Aug 22, 2016
Zimbabwe Keegan Cooke 7315, 2015