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Jessica Vasseur

User since:Sep 13, 2005
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Location:Freiburg, Germany
huge decathlon fan, always keeping track of results anywhere in the world, annual visits to Götzis included since 1994.
always looking for contacts to share experiences - just e-mail me :)
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Re: Hypomeeting 2012 Götzis
Posted: May 26, 2012
has anyone found another stream than the ORF one (only works with an Austrian IP on the internet I think..).
Really wish I was in Götzis (weather and everything looks fantastic), but just too far away from London...
Re: Decathlon Entry Standards
Posted: Aug 19, 2010
I don't know about the olympics, but I'd expect them to use the same standards. they just want less athletes to participate in the big championships.

you can somehow understand it on the one hand, as decathlon competitions usually take very long with 25 to 30 athletes competing. but I think that's the great thing about it and it would be bad for athletes with scores around 7.900 points that they don't get the opportunity to compete at world championships or olympic games. i just hope they don't start doing something like invitationals as for the indoor championships with just 8 selected participants
Re: New version of Decathlon 2000 is coming
Posted: Aug 03, 2010
great idea - though in weeks with no competitions or news there might be fewer photos to share..

personally i like this one that i took in Barcelona (though the quality is not as good!/photo.php?pid=31332715&id=1453687329

thank you for the article - the title you chose actually fits perfectly I have never seen a pole vault competition like that and I really hope the weather during the next competitions this season will be better and we can expect better scores then.
Great article - I suppose many of us feel like that about the "Roman Era". For me it's incredible how he still manages to beat everyone today, even though probably his best year's are gone.