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Re: Ashton Eaton PR's and possible WR
Posted: Aug 28, 2011
Eierluke, you make some good points. You have also noted that in his later years he did put on a lot of muscle and subsiquently weight. The heavier you are the more energy it will use to run a 1500. One thing, we will never know.

Re: Ashton Eaton PR's and possible WR
Posted: Aug 25, 2011
Two points, eierluke, I am sure it should be called Combined Events and not Multi Events.

Yoram Re. Daley Thompson, Daley was always so far ahead comming into the 1500m that he never had to 'race' one, he only had to run one. He was such a great competitor that had the need arisen, he would have been capable of running faster.

You talk about 9 technical events, Running is a technical event. If you have a bad technique you will soon pick up an injury. You run when you warm up, you run during competition in at least 8 of the events and you run when you warm down. More consideration needs to made to running technique when coaching Combined Events.