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Mihail Dudas

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I'am a decathlete, training in Serbia.. my PB in heptathlon is 5555pt:)
I wan't to take a medal in WCC in Bidgosc and I need some really good advises about decathlon, because there is no perfect decathlete, there is more and more space for points for everybody!!!
Write to me, and I will reply!!!
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Tommy boy,weather is good every month just not in November, December, January and February...

The competition is in May , and then the temperature reaches 34 degrees...

It is very good time for decathlon.

You have a good team too!

We, I mean Our team can maybe reach somewhere about 22500 points at ECC in Decathlon. could come here in Novi Sad to compete on the ''Memorial of Zelimir Sarcevic''...and do good decathlon.

It would be our pleasure to have a competetion with you guys.
That's cool...

Decathlon is very nice sport, so...

Our group is big potencial... My coach believe that me and my friend decathlete Igor Sarcevic can make WCC standard for the next year.

So...if you are interested to see Novi Sad, and have very good decathlon for making a WCC standard, we are organizing ''Memorial of Zelimir Sarcevic'' every year in the end of May.

We will try to gather some of the best decathlete from Europe.


Hey Arno,

Yes I was good at the WJC, that's the reason I took the bronze

So, how did your jumper did in Bidgoscsz?

I hope we will meet in Novi Sad next year.

We have heptathlon in Budapest, and I think I can brake NR for seniors this year, it would be nice.

Record holder is my coach Fedja Kamasi by the way

If you have any decathletes, that want to compete next year here in Novi Sad at ''Memorial of Zelimir Sarcevic'',tell them it will be great.


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