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Re: Blitz Decathalon
Posted: Apr 07, 2007
Hi Andrew,

I used to really enjoy one-hour decs.

As I remember it, the 1500 was started exactly one hour after the 100 m (I remember one Athlete coming a little late, but the time was running, when he started his race. According to Janek he should have been disqualified - so I'm not sure about this).

It's most fun, if you build pairs of Athletes with similar profiles (they can stay together, but they don't have to). Key for the athletes is to be able to get easily from event to event in order to have enough time after the 400m. It's great if you offer a little cart for the athletes in order to change shoes while changing places.

You also should have a good speaker, if this is done well, you can create an amazing atmosphere during a one hour dec.

In the US, the switched the events around; I don`t believe, it helps much and it definitely tkes away from the nature of the decathlon.

Very good point - which I have told so many athletes over the years. My PB in deca was a 4:06 with very little specific training (only 7700 in the deca though). I believe the key for a good 1500 is to be confident to run at a steady pace; (The weekly jogging session is definitely also important, not just for the 1500 but also for the cardio system, active recovery etc.)

For the specific training, the pacing is the most importent thing, you have to be able to click into your pace and continue this till the end. It will feel easy for the first round and than you should very gradually pick up the intensity (which means you are running at a steady pace). This way you also do not kill yourself as this is usually the result of starting too fast. Every second, you run to slow in any given round, you won`t catch up and any second you run too fast will cost you much more in the end.

Thomas Stewens