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Decathlete from Australia, interested in the development of the event in Australia and abroad.
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Topic: world youth champs
Posted: July 14, 2007
Hey there all. I was just looking at the results from the current world youth champs, and I must say some where impressive. Which made me think where are the athletes that competed at these world youth champs a few years ago. So I had a look back at the youth champs that were held in Hungary back in 2001, I could hardly recognise any of the names. So that begs the question, what happened to those athletes? It has been 6 years so you would think that those athletes would now be 22/23 years old. Does anyone know if any of those athletes have continued with the event? Yes octathlon is a different beast than decathlon but it is a great progression to our great event. Is this where we are loosing interest? Should there be more done to include these younger athletes into the bigger events? What about including a under 19/21 octathlon or decathlon with big meets such as Gotzis or Talence etc, this would keep these athletes in the sport and give them a chance to compete and be around the stars of the decathlon. What does everyone think?

Topic: Rest between decathlons
Posted: June 06, 2007
Hi all, Ben here from Australia.

I was just looking at the results from the last two decathlon meets and noticed that Romain Barras competed at both and scored over 8000 points in both, albeit the second one was windy. Two 8000 point decathlons in two weeks is crazy I believe Attila Zsivoczky has done a similar thing before. What does every one think is the ideal time between decathlons to recover and then prepare for the next one. I have heared that 6-8 weeks is ideal but was just looking for some opions and what is done to recover between decathlons. Hope everyone is going well.

Re: Decathlon Training
Posted: Apr 14, 2007
How often does everybody compete in local club meets? Also if and when you do, is this for extra training on top of what you are already doing, or programmed in as part of your training? I like to compete as often as I can but I don't know if it is taking away from some other training I can be doing. Is it better to put you training into competition situations as often as possible of hold off? Hope every one is going well and good luck for your season over there. Here in Australia we are starting our off season.


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