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Topic: Never too old.
Posted: Dec 07, 2016
I thought that this was a young man's event, something to look back on wistfully with the passage of years. I was very wrong! I completed my first dec since 1984 at the World Masters Athletics championships in Perth this past August. Hundreds of men competing in their age categories (28 in mine alone!). No, performances nowhere near those of bygone years (certainly for me). But the dedication, desire and drive are undiminished in all, despite the passing of years...and just plain fun! Nope, not the decathlete I was...but a decathlete I can still be! No to figure out how to lose either 25 pounds...or 25 years!
Re: What attracts you to the decathlon?
Posted: Sep 03, 2016
When I was younger I was enthralled by the variety and challenge in the sport I love. Having just finished my first decathlon in 32(!) years I realize the spark is still there, and even more, because now it really is for the love of the event. I had forgotten the camaraderie of the men...and how easy it is to hurt myself as a masters athlete (takeoff knee, ankle). Now if I could just figure out how to lose either 25 years or 25 pounds!!

Top 20 per group of events >7000
SSteele wrote on June 24, 2021
So interesting. Certainly can see the shift in emphasis from the 1962 to 1984 tables.
Great work pulling this together!
A gentleman!
USA Championships Eugene 2012
SSteele wrote on July 01, 2012
Eaton amazing and Clay courageous to finish...fine decathletes all