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Re: Ashton Eaton
Posted: May 04, 2011
I dont agree.
The 6568 WR heptathlon total as a base for seven decathlon events? That's too simple.
It means e.g. this:
7.60 on the 60 m. hurdles = 1085 points.
Equivalent 110 m. hurdles: 13.17 (1084 points)
2.34.74 on the 1000 meters = 933 points.
Equivalent 1500 meters: 4.02.85
On the other hand: Eatons long jump and high jump during his 6568 were not very succesfull. He can do much better than 7.77 and 2.01.
We'll see in Götzis!

Kees Sluys
Re: Hypomeeting 2011 Götzis
Posted: May 04, 2011
I’d like to see the Cubans (Suarez, Garcia and Diaz) but - probably it was on the IAAF-website - I read that they will compete in Kladno on 15. and 16. of June. Just two weeks after Götzis.
If this should be correct, I guess it is impossible for them to start in Götzis.
The same for Kasyanov.
What a pity: Kladno versus Götzis.
Bad for athletics.

Kees Sluys
Re: New slogan for site of Decathlon 2000
Posted: Apr 19, 2010
The Greatest Athletes Now And Then

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Yes, B.J. Parish, Eaton is a fast learner. But that does not mean he should be a fast learner in all events.
I sure hope he is, but history tells that some decathletes never really learn in specific throws or specific jumps or specific runs.
Sebrle told me e.g. about Attila Zsivotsky, who never did a real good long jump. He just could not do it.
The same goes for guys like Karpov, Smith and Kasyanov in the javelin. They will never learn.
Let's hope Eaton does. And finally makes an end to the 9026.
World record for Eaton? No. Not yet, maybe.
Let’s take Sebrles 9026 points:
10.64, 8.11, 15.33, 2.12, 47.79, 13.92, 47.92, 4.80, 70.16, 4.21.98

For Eaton this means:
100m: advantage
longjump: problem
shot: problem
highjump: problem
400m: advantage
110h: advantage
discus: problem
polevault: advantage
javelin: BIG PROBLEM
1500m: eaqual

When Sebrle made the world record, he had a great 1st day: 4675 points.
Eatons best 1st day was last year in Eugene when he scored 4500 points with: 10.37, 7.90, 12.60, 2.02, 46.28.
Well, let’s give Eaton 2 meters extra in the shot. It gives (just) 122 points extra. So 1st day: 4622 points.

To improve the world record with just 1 point Eaton needs a score of 4405 points on day 2.
It would be the third (!) best performance ever, behind the two scores of Dave Johnson (4455 and 4411).
Impossible job.
Let’s hope the BIG JAVELIN-PROBLEM will be solved in the coming years.
If not, the World Record will be out of reach.
Ashtons 56.00 meters gives 678 points, Romans 70.16 gives 892 points.

It all depends on the jav.
Chris Huffins, Dean Macey, Dimitri Karpov, Maurice Smith, Oleksiy Kasyanov….. they all missed medals or titles (Huffins in the Olympic Games of 2000!) because of lack of skill in the javelin.
Real records!?
keessluys wrote on May 21, 2011
Chris, thanks for the 'more hours of work' you did!
Of course the performances of top decathletes are almost incredible.
Let's hope we really can convince some low knowledge journalists...
See you in Götzis!