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Re: K.Mayer´s record, one fall to think
Posted: Sep 24, 2018
My point is: if Mayer had been aware that 1s over 400m was worth more than 1m in the shot put, then he would have trained in order to achieve 47"50 over 400rather than 16,50 in the shot put.

Decathlon is not about "is 19,36 worth more than 45,00?", it's about maximizing your point total over ten events knowing the associated scoring table.

I like the approach of this previous post:

It's interesting to note than KM point difference between his PB and the sum of his 10 individual PBs is 298, lowest of the top 10 list.

There is no doubt Dan O'Brien and Ashton Eaton are better athletes. But Mayer is the best decathlete whatever the scoring table says.
Re: K.Mayer´s record, one fall to think
Posted: Sep 21, 2018
Hello Gunther,

You make a valid case for a global table revision.

However, the latest changes date back to when the new javelin was introduced so there was no unfair treatment towards Eaton: he knew how to earn points and trained accordingly. Ditto for Mayer. The had to make the most out of this and Mayer outscored Eaton, full stop.

I am sure that changing the table would make athletes and coaches change their tactics which would produce different results.
Re: Berlin 2018 European Championships
Posted: Aug 08, 2018
So pissed up about Kevin, he was in an incredible shape. Two of his three foul attemps were very close to 8m. When compared to Rio, he would have been 140 pts ahead of his 8834 PB after only two events!

I hope he can maintain that kind of form next year.

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Bit late to comment on this article but as much as I like Sebrle's carreer, I can't have him above Johnson, Eaton, O'Brien or even Mathias on my list.
The only area where he truly dominates all of them is longevity / consistency, a quality which makes you great but not the greatest. Fellow countryman Christian Plaziat has topped 8000 34 times. I assume only Dvorak & Sebrle did better however I wouldn't put Christian in my own top20.
Amazing Kevin
Thomas wrote on Aug 07, 2018
Very good article, now let's see in real life what he can do over 10 events!
(Though I enjoyed every bit of it, I have to correct one thing: no, sadly L'Equipe's not the best sportspaper in the world )
Kevin Mayer
Thomas wrote on Mar 26, 2018
Heptathlon over 5800 points (6kg;100cm)
5872 7,29 - 721 - 14,43 - 199 - 8,15 - 480 - 2 39,09 Aubière 2011