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My favourite decathletes:

Siegfried Wentz
Roman Sebrle
Darius Draudvila
Adam Sebastian Helcelet
Kai Kazmirek
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Re: wc moscow pronostic
Posted: Aug 10, 2013

We have only two ...

Good night - tomorrow wake up at 6:30, making coffee, preparing the two laptops and the TV with the livestream and so on....
Re: wc moscow pronostic
Posted: Aug 08, 2013
Here they will send livestreams for each event extra on saturday:

On Sunday in Germany ZDF sends.

There seems to be also an official IAAF-Livestream:

The actual startlist came just a few minutes ago on the IAAF-page. 34 Decathletes! In the two best 100m-runs prevailing nine athletes!

Knobel was just a substitute.

My prognosis:

1. Eaton (around 8800)
2. Behrenbruch (8590)
3. Schrader (8570)
4. Hardee (8560)
5. Suarez (8490)
6. Warner (8450)
7. Krauchanka (8430)
8. Chinin (8350)

Freimuth, Mayer and Sintnicolaas out because of injuries or salto nullo :-(
Re: Wishlist for athletes files
Posted: July 15, 2013
Wishes for athlete files:

Adam Helcelet
Kai Kazmirek

Congratulations to both of them for the new PBs (overall and single events) and the excellent competition in Tampere!

Here I found a new article regarding this theme (unfortunately only in German):