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Re: Ashton Eaton PR's and possible WR
Posted: Aug 18, 2011
Just compare the results of Ashton's current Dec PR with that of the current WR and previous WR. It's just too painfully obvious to ignore the fact that his throws are extremely lacking when compared to them.

Ashton sprints better than both of them ever did. Jumps just as far, just as high. Hurdles better than they ever did and pole vaults just as well.

Of course we all want to see him improve over all his events. But to beat that WR, and smash it to peices. He will need large improvements in his throws.

Dimitry I think you do not give elite shot putters the credit they deserve in regards to how athletic they really are. These guys are not just heavy weight lifters who happen to be able to throw a 16lb ball over 70ft. Some of them indeed couldn't run a 1500 in under 6 minutes but I think you would be surprised at the kind of shape most of them might demonstrate in a 1500m. One man I think who could do the proposed WR throw with a sub 5:30 mile is Randy Barnes.
On the flipside I do not see a 1500m specialist throwing 10m. My teamate and fellow decathlete hurdles sub 15 seconds, highjumps 6'4, does a 4:40 1500, etc. and can't get the shot past 7.5 meters. If a specialist hurdler and high jumper (in his case) can't get a shot over 7.5 with that level of explosive output I doubt a specialist 1500m is going to get it past 5m.