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I believe Eaton was only short of 7,000 points for the runs and jumps by 135 points at te US Trials. He ran the 400 in a deluge (46.70 vs 45.68 pr). He did the HJ on a wet and slippery runway (2.05 vs 2.11 three weeks earlier). He ran the hurdles in 13.70 vs 13.34 a month earlier.

Any chance he can average 1,000 points for the set of runs and jumps? What is the highest number any decathlete has recorded in those 7 events?
Re: US Olympic Trials 2012
Posted: June 24, 2012
World Record 9039
Re: US Olympic Trials 2012
Posted: June 24, 2012
If Eaton matches PR's in last 2 events (big IF): WR by 3 points

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Very interesting article. Thanks
Dakota Keys became at least the 5th decathlete from a small Oregon town to break 8,000 in the last 20 years in the decathlon today. The Oregon sophomore from Sweet Home, OR scored 8,001 points at the Pac12 meet to win by 3 points over Jeremy Taiwo of Wash. (Other small town Oregonians are Dan O'Brien, Dave Johnson, Tom Pappas and Ashton Eaton).
Ashton had a pr in the 400 today at Santa Barbara. He ran 45.64. Also threw the shot 15.02. Tomorrow he'll do selected Day 2 events at the Sam Adams Multi Event.