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Re: New slogan for site of Decathlon 2000
Posted: Apr 22, 2010
Hi Janek

... are you sure you need a new 'slogan'? I thing the subtitle ALL ABOUT COMBINED EVENTS is quite self-explaining (I'd add IN ATHLETICS, just to clarify the browser who lands by chance on the site we're not talking about a surrogate like Triathlon, modern Pentathlon...).

Maybe, if you want to lure users to know more about the site, I'd put on the homepage more pictures of the sport 'heroes'. Their physical harmony (we cannot explain the mental one until you practice the discipline, can we?) should be the 'business card' for triggering emulating desires, especially among the youngsters (and maybe, with a nice section for Veterans, even among the older... the more we are the better it is!).

The pics that are in the page

may already do the trick.

Happy training sessions to All!


Re: New version of Decathlon 2000 is coming
Posted: Apr 15, 2010
No worries Janek.

As far as it concerns the Veteran World a good entry point is the WMA (World Athletics Association) site

and the EVAA (European Association)

and the results of the Champs in there.

I don't know if you know the Veteran world, but in Multi-events, results, from the IAAF table, are adjusted with a WMA table of coefficients for age groups. That's what you see as results.

Veteran championships started in the late 70ies so that there are not so many years of results.

As for the results by National federations, that is a bit more difficult although the good point is that they usually don't organise more than 1 or 2 Decathlon for season. But I don't know if you want to get into that detail.


Maybe you should also upload, even if it is available on the IAAF site, the IAAF conversion table, just to make this Decathlon portal more complete. It would also be nice to have a score builder (runtime converter of performance in scores) but that takes some time to build and I got the feeling you guys built this site as a passionate hobby, so don't bother if you time is a limited resources for you.

Anyway a huge well-done again, because you've built a very nice site.


Re: New version of Decathlon 2000 is coming
Posted: Apr 14, 2010
Hi Janek. I join the chorus of compliments. You've done a great job with this site. I hope you can get some return in terms of money from advertising. I personally would not mind to see a banner for an even improved site (I know the time that is behind setting up a website).

I have a couple of suggestions:

- I'd like to see a section for Veterans. There are a lot great results in Veteran competition, that are worthy to be reported, and could be a stimulous for the youngest to continue athletics. Decathlon as a philosophy of life? Why not!

- you mentioned partially... anyway it would be nice to have, if not stored on your site, uploaded on YouTube and linked, video clips of the broadcast decathlete performances. For example I'd like so see what is available in images of the Avylov's decathlon in Munchen '72. Or see again the images of Christian Schenk failing in Rome '87 2.31 () HJ for nothing.

It would be nice also for techniques comparison.



Roman Šebrle
gcsixty6 wrote on July 03, 2012
This man is incredible. Not only for the past results but also for what is doing now, still over 8000 pts at 37! In an event so explosive and wearing out. My congratulations also to his coaches, who managed to keep them out of big injures for such a long time.
I bet he can still do 8100/8300 in London so... best of luck Roman!
By the way I reckon he's got the World Record Master M35 as well, looking at his 2011 result. Does anybody know what is that score in WMA points?
Good lad, as all the decathletes must be. I hope they televise them a bit, rather then ignoring as usual, up to the final 1500m. May win the best! (My bet is on Trey Hardee)
Congratulations to the coaching system in the US. All these 8600+ decathles in these years means they not only know how to find talents but also how to teach them an extremely technical (multi)discipline as it is Decathlon. Hat off!