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Re: Your training structure suggestions
Posted: June 26, 2007
It not easy to generalize on decathlon training without knowing the athletes you are trying to help, but here are my immediate comments:


Your program is too extensive and too demanding:

-hurdles 2 times a week

-plyometrics 4 times a week

-pole vault, highj ump and long jump 5 times a week

-weights 2 times a week

...and then we havent even started with the really important part of your training program: RUNNING.


You will not get better by practicing a discipline multiple times a week. The most important is that you get rest in between the most important sessions(speed-jumping). In my opinion its not possible, and certainly no point in "getting through" all the 10 disciplines in a week. Your goal should be to practise all 10 over a two week period. Then you have enough breathing space to recover and be ready to make good running(speed) sessions.

Your can practise the throws more often cos they are not so demanding.

Best of Luck


Re: Rest between decathlons
Posted: June 07, 2007
I think Barras enjoys competing in decathlons so much that he doesn't bother counting the days. The competition program for decathletes is as we all know limited and you have to take advantage of what's available. Even better if his body can take the punishment of a tight competition program. Keep it up!
Re: Decathlon Training
Posted: Apr 18, 2007
Hi all!

Summer training in itself should be fairly easy in comparison to winter during which decathletes should suffer(at least a little). Athletes that have done their work and prepared thoroughly should preferably take it easy the last two weeks. Penultimate week they can do technique and maybe one session with sprints(or sprint hurdle combination) up to MAX 150 m(3-4 races-only one 150).

The weekend before can preferably be used for competitions, but no 400m or other very demanding diciplines.

The last five days should be used for rest and maybe a few very easy tension building sessions.

Good luck

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