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Latvian decathlon all-time list
Edgars Erinš set a new Latvian record while he improved 8312 points. Latvian previous record belonged to Janis Karlivans with 8271 points (Götzis 2007).
Chris Huffins
Chris Huffins won an Olympic bronze medal at the Sydney Olympic Games (2000).
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson won an Olympic bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992).
Steve Fritz
Steve Fritz missed an Olympic medal by 20 points in Atlanta (1996). He had finished the best competition of his life, scoring 8644 points. That got him 4th place.
Kip Janvrin
Kip Janvrin is the ultimate decathlete. What a remarkably enduring, high-quality career!
Decathlon best performers 2nd day >4200 points
4200+ club of the 2nd day decathlon

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