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Götzis 2015: Friday press conference
The Eatons, Michael Schrader, Damian Warner
Götzis 2015: Saturday morning
Damian Warner: ready to break the Canadian record from Michael Smith?
Götzis 2016: Second edition of the Canadian Games!
Damian Warner wins with 8523 points and my prognosis for the top three was a good one. Brianne Theisen-Eaton won the heptathlon, so this was a second edition of the Canadian Games!
23rd Asian Athletics Championships – DOHA, April of 2019
For the record, a report about the decathlon and the heptahlon of these championships
An open letter: 20th anniversary of Decathlon 2000
20 years Decathlon 2000... and who’s responsible for the joy it gave us? An open letter!
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