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Ashton Eaton: Why he had to interrupt his decathlon?
Talence Decastar 2013: Interview with Ashton Eaton
Nathaniel Mechler - 3rd at the Pan American Juniors
Nathaniel sent me an e-mail and here is his message to all readers of Decathlon 2000.
This is how you successfully find reconversion after your sports career
A little summary and interview how to find reversal after your sports career. Alexandre Folacci talks about his experience and gives recommendations.
Roman Šebrle: World’s Greatest Decathlete - Ever
How many ways can we say, “ Roman Šebrle of the Czech Republic is the world’s greatest performer ever in the century ‐old tradition of the decathlon? I can think of at least five: Šebrle’s uniqueness, longevity, consistency, …
Györgyi Zsivoczky-Farkas winner of Decastar 2015 Heptathlon
Décastar 2015 : Heptathlon. Winner: Györgyi Zsivoczky-Farkas Hungary 6306 points. The interview after her victory.
Recommended books
Recommended books of decathlon and heptathlon by various authors
Alexandre Folacci: I wish I could have given back more to my sport!
An interview with Alexandre Folacci, Decathlon 7729 points. National Champion 2011 & 2013.
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