Heptathlon, indoor track-and-field event consisting of seven separate contests held on two consecutive days. Points are awarded for each event, and the overall score determines the winner. On the first day of competition, the athletes compete in the 60-meter dash, the long jump, the shot put, the high jump. On the second day, participants attempt the 60-meter hurdle race, the pole vault and the 1000-meter run.

The heptathlon was first included in the European Championships at Genova, Italy, in 1992, when it was won by France athlete Christian Plaziat and in the World Championships at Barcelona, Spain, in 1995, when it was won by Plaziat again.

The entrants receive predetermined points for reaching certain distances, heights, and times in the events.

As you can see from competitions results' pages, lower level there is 5000 points. Actually, most useful would be complete results of competitions.

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