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High carb versus low carb (and more)?

Latest post: Decathlete2000, Aug 09, 2019
Posted: Aug 09, 2019
The official IAAF guidelines are 8- 12g/kg/day for somebody who competes at least at national level.

If we take the middle road, i.e 10g/kg/day, that is 800g carbs for a 80kg athlete.

For protein is 2g/kg/day

For fat is 0.5- 1g/kg/day.

I have a javelin thrower friend who is about 100kg and eats between 1000- 2000g of carbs per day.

Do you pay attention to yoru salt intake? Since athletes lose tons of sodium-chloride and other electrolytes through sweating, atheltes need to consume more salt.

What about daily water intake?

What are your daily macros?

What is your experience? What works for you?
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