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Weight training heavy vs light/moderate etc.

Latest post: Janek Salmistu, Aug 08, 2019
Posted: Aug 08, 2019
Do you think it is possible to achieve 7000- 7500 points in a decathlon without doing heavy deadlifts, snatches, cleans, squats, bench presses.

By heavy I mean 3-5 sets of 3- 5 reps at 85- 95%.

There are many coaches that claim a decathlete must:
- deadlift at least 2.5- 3 times his bodyweight,
- squat 2- 2.5 times his BW,
- bench 1.5- 2 times his BW,
- Clean 1.5- 2 his BW

Do you think it is mandatory to achieve these numbers to be able to score 7000- 7500 points?

I read about Craig Pickering he wrote on a forum that he progressed from 12.0 to 11.0 in one year on 100m with zero weight training, do you believe that?

Soem coaches claim you cant achieve 7000 without lifting heavy weights... Cedric Dubler did 8000+ without the classical lifts of snatch, clean, jerk, deadlift...

Ashton Eaton in one of his video showed his weight trainign session. Now, do you really think that that weight program made him do 9000+ points?:

There was another white sprinte rwho claimed he did not do weight snad run low 10s on 100m decades ago, I forgot his name...

I mean, who knows...
Another topic: Timing of weights

Some say on ehsould do weights right after the track session, others say to do it right before the track session to use/benefit from the post-activation potentiation effects of the weight lifting...

Some say to lift weight separately in the AM and do track kin PM, other say do the opposite.
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Posted: Aug 08, 2019
Thomas Van der Plaetsen @vanderplaetsen replying via Twitter:

Definitely possible, but maybe it depends on the style of athlete... I hardly saw the gym (had done a bit of upper body, but no Olympic lifts) until i was 20-21 & had scored 8000+. As a junior, scoring 7700, i hadn't lifted at all (had only done some gymnastics for strength).

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