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Posted: Aug 23, 2016

New to the forum. Have a question about the program below. This athlete is 19yo female with the following PRs in high school
13.8 100h
6.6 LJ
12.23 100m
25.1 200m
4800 hep

How ever her college coach has not been able to get her to improve. I suspect over training but I would like get some input of the following summer program. The athlete tends to overtrain quickly with this type of training and is starting to lose intrest in the sport all together because of the over training and lack of results. I know training is highly individual but given the lack of results and fatigue I think it might be time to examine a different route.

Mon: hurdle drills: in flats, 5 hurdles 30". Skips 3 x trail, lead and over the top. 5 x 5 LH 5-step. 10 x 50 meter accelerations. High Jump: full foot circle running x 5 big circles each direction. 3-step with a walk-in arms and knee punch with shoulder leaning away x 15. Stair plyo: 5x10 single leg hops each leg skip a step (rest as needed). Stair Double leg bounds for distance 10 x 5 bounds. Soft landing dbl leg stair drops x 10 x 3 sets (on soft landing be sure to bend in hips and squat - knees behind toes). Weights.

2 x 4 x 150m 80-85%, rest 3 minute walk back and 10 between sets - focus on front side mechanics and good vertical arm action. Javelin or ball throwing, medball core, Swiss Ball, shoulder flexibility. Core.

Wednesday: 45 minute jog circuit - start with 10 burpies, 45 minute slow jog on grass, every 45 seconds do 15 seconds of exercise (Bear Crawls, inch worms, fire hydrants, lunges, pushups, crunches etc...). Every 10 minutes do 10 burpies.

Thursday: Grass loops (2 min steady run) x 5. Rest 9 minutes between reps. Core, medballs, and javelin balls.

Fri: repeat Monday hurdle drills and high jump. 10 x 100m form sprints. 14 seconds, walk back 2 minute. 3 x 30 (ab crunch, side crunch, superman back hyper with twist, 12" leg lift x 3 second holds, V-sit alternating scissor legs with 30 toe touches. Weights.
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Posted: Sep 02, 2016
More context would make it easier to assess the training. Trianing age, which macro/micro this is in, etc. There are numerous factors which could impact training, and without seeing the full body it would be speculation. However, traditionally you would see the days broken into am/pm sessions to support the specific theme.

Open dialogue with the coach fro mthe athlete expressing concerns would be best. He/she may be willing to go through the annual plan with her. based on her marks she has a vast amount of potential in the heptathlon. Best of luck!
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Posted: Sep 02, 2016
Not sure why there is so much running, and slow running at that! Multi event athletes are all about speed and explosiveness. 45 minutes of jogging, 8 x 150 at 80%, this is not the kind of running that makes you faster. And this far from the competitive season I would recommend more general athletic activities like playing basket or volleyball, playing catch with a baseball or football, hitting golfballs, even ping pong or badminton to help with Javelin. The best ATHLETES make the best Multi eventers so why focus so much on the track? Adding more complexity makes the workouts more fun and more challenging.
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Posted: Sep 07, 2016
Gar I agree way too much focus on the 800 and really if you can bring up the throws and

This is what I was thinking


High jump tech/Shot

Pool work/wieghts (optional)

LJ tech/ 200m Training

Jav throwing/800m training/wieghts

mixed conditioning work
med ball throws
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Posted: Nov 06, 2016
Monday, this is one risky workout, volume is very high. Intensity is high, the risk is very high of injury.
Risk vs reward?
Hurdles drills are quite intensive exercise+ you are doing steps with 500m volume of high intensity running
10x50m? How fast are those runs? what's the recovery?
If it's acceleration than I can only assume that you are doing at least 90% of max.

Intensive tempo.
Why would you run quite hard back to back?

Wednesday workout in my opinion should be on Tuesday.

Thursday: looks good

Friday again why would you have such a high volume?
If she's 12.3 100m she'll be going around 90% for each 100 I doubt it that she can do 10x in 14 sec with walk back or 2min.

Either you are going to have high volume and poor quality or you are going to have good quality and lower volume, you cannot have both.
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Posted: Jan 08, 2017
Well eventually after shin splints and general getting run into the ground with old school sessions of over distance mixed with plyos on a hard mondo track now she's laid up with small bone irritations all over her foot and wearing a boot and also cast aside like a broken toy. That's NCAA track recruit blue chip talent with hack coaches
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