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IAAF Combined EventsChallenge, who'll win?

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Posted: Aug 15, 2013
Winner is who puts up the most points in his three best decathlons 2013 (not every event is scheduled)
The winner earns $ 30.000,-
2nd place $ 20.000,-
3rd place $ 15.000,-
Price money for 4th - 8th as well.

Remaining competitions Nice? and Talence 14.15. September 2013

Actual leaders are
Krauchanka 25.084 pts (8390, 8380, 8314)
Nixon 24.646 (8312, 8198, 8136)
Mikhan 24.068 (8125, 7975, 7968)

Most world class opponents so far do have just 2 countable results so far and need to add a 3rd.

In best position:
Eaton 17.100
Freimuth 16.870
Mayer 16.836
Behrenbruch 16.830
Warner 16.819
Sintnicolaas 16.713
Chinin 16.570
Coertzen 16.558
van der Plaetsen 16.419

Who will compete?
Eaton: no
As we have seen actually isn't comfortable with jumping (long- and high-). He for the rest of his career will just start
1) in Olympic Games/ World Championships or competitions he needs in order to qualify.
2) when he is at 100% and has a chance to break the World record
--> no Eaton in Talence

Schrader: no
His Ulm resut does not count and he will rest his body after a perfect

Freimuth: yes
Needs just 8214 to take the lead. That'll be too tempting, even though he is slightly injured (back).

Mayer: yes
Local matador with a chance to win.

Behrenbruch: yes
Good chance for compensation after at big disappointment on day2 in moscow - and in striking distance.

Warner: no
Has already finished 3 decathlons this yearr. After a perfect competition in moscow, I doubt that he'll come over, even though he'd be in striking distance as well.

Sintnicolaas: yes
Has the potential for more than 8500, but hasn't been able to finish a decathlon without a drop out this year. Already at age 26 he shouldn't waste such fine form without trying to attack his own PB (8506)

More to come
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Posted: Aug 23, 2013
I think that Mayer don't wanna do any competitions before the next spring
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Posted: Aug 26, 2013
Well does not has to start in another decathlon, since he should have reached all personal goals with his great performance in moscow.

On the other hand: just 8249 pts in front of his french home crowd could bring him up to 30.000$. Yes decathletes don't do it for the money, but I guess 30k$ wouldn't hurt either.
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Posted: Aug 29, 2013
Startlist of Decastar ►

Eaton, Schrader, Behrenbruch, Warner, Freimuth, Chinin, Sintnicolaas, Krauchanka, Coertzen, Dudas, Kharlamov, Martin, Lelievre, Ushiro, Folacci, Bourguignon and Renaud Lavillenie.
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Posted: Sep 14, 2013
Stream Talence now (official) ►
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