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Gotzis 2013: Eaton Out

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Posted: May 21, 2013
According to Eaton's coach today, Ashton will not compete at Gotzis due to a minor injury. Eaton must finish in the top 3 at the US champtionships to compete in the World Championships, and Gotzis is just too close to those championships to risk further injury.
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Posted: May 21, 2013
Now it is gonna get close!

Sintnicolaas, Mayer, Warner, Behrenbruch, Kasyanov, Krauchanka ...
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Posted: May 22, 2013
Kasyanov and Krauchanke out
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Posted: May 23, 2013

Do you know if we can follow the meeting on streaming somewhere this week end?

thank you very much in advance
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Posted: May 23, 2013
Don#t know if this will work during the weekend.

Last year they published a url which was working outside of Austria only on Saturday if I remember it correctly

It may help if you browse thru some forums (e.g. - German but you may find the right topic)
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Posted: May 24, 2013
In Orf Sport+ (time in Austria)

Saturday 10:55 - 18:30
Sunday 9:55 -18:30

Read here >

Also Roman Šebrle (38) out.
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Posted: May 25, 2013
Götzis is still Götzis and will remain the top decathlon event, but due to injuries and weather 2013 will become the worst competition for years.
Sintnicolas somehow out of order as well and Warner destroyed his decathlon with a coward like 400m race.
And as if injuries and weather aren't enough it happens exactly, what I feared in the Schrader thread yesterday: germans due to their qualifying system (favoring Ratingen) won't finish.
Freimuth, Knobel already gave up and Behrenbruch better should do so as well.
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Posted: May 27, 2013
Thanks to the ORF for the Live Stream, great coverage!
I said it more than a year ago, but now I'm sure: Gunnar Nixon will be the next big thing in decathlon. If no major injuries occor he'll already be Eatons main competitor in Rio 2016. The way he moves looks so fluid. Yes there are some other young gyus who so far have scored higher: Mayer, Hock, Uibo - but in terms of fundamental talent, Nixon is just in another class:
size: not sure, but he looks like 1.90 - 1.95
speed, 60m: 6.86 s
jumping ability, highjump: 2.17 m
agility: 110 hurdles (99cm). 13.83 s
endurance, 1500m : 4:22,36
strenght: thow skinny, he already puts up good throws.
Nixon combines skills from different areas, formerly named the "Hingsen combination" on this side and his skill set indeed reminds me on the young Jurgen Hingsen...
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Posted: May 27, 2013
Nixon is 1,96 cm, if I can count and was not blind yesterday in Götzis .

I don't know, if you could see on TV, how good he interacted with the crowd? They (especially the young ones) felt in love with him at the first sight...very smart with 20 years!

Why Kevin Mayer is always mentioned here? I cannot understand this: He made this one good competition in Bruxelles and could never confirm that result...
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Posted: May 27, 2013
Concerning Mayer, don't forget, Nathalie

1rst : his career (World young champion 2009 - World junior champion 2010 - European junior champion 2011 - silver medal at the european indor championship 2013), for a world junior gold for Nixon

2nd : 2 marks over 8000 (8091 and 8447) and 3 marks over 7900 (7992, 7952 and 7935) at 20 yo, for 1 mark over 8000 for Nixon (Götzis) at the same age

3rd : Mayer's PB 8625 points for 8420 points to Nixon.

Mayer is just 11 month older than Nixon. Just wait one or two years before saying that Nixon is better (or not) than Mayer
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Posted: May 27, 2013
Mayer is is just a year older and of course has actually put up more points.

But my statement wasn't meant in regard of where they are right now; I tried to look into the future and from my point of view it looks brighter for Nixon.
Mayer already knows how to move his body very well, with perfect techniques such as in the in the pole vault, shot put, high hurdles, high- and long jump. But he's already a finished product with very little untaped potential = does not have as much upside.
His lack of ground speed (60m 7.10, 100m 11.10) combined with "just" 1.85m height will limit him in the future.
Ground speed is something you are born with to some degree and it is the condition for 100m, 400m, long jump, high hurdles. His throwing technique further are already excellent. In order to improve he needs to put up more muscle on his 1.85 frame, which would bother him in other areas.

As for Nixon, there is no guarrantee that he will fulfill his given potential and you could be right that when all is said and done Mayer might have had the better career. But Mayer is just too small and too slow to ever surpass 8850 pts. Nixon on the other hand, when at one point in time he fills out his frame, stays healthy and remains focused could (though I have to give that there are many ifs in the way).
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Posted: May 27, 2013
Thanks for the link Natalie.
Nixon has been listed (2011/2) with 6'4" = 1,93 m
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Posted: May 28, 2013
Of course, 1,93! Foot and inches always confuse me ...
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Posted: May 31, 2013
I am a little late, but it's never too late to thank you for the links you gave to us.

It was very plaisant to see this great tv coverage. i hope they will do the same for ratingen, to be follow...

Concerning nixon and mayer let me give you my point.
I think nixon should do 8600 in 2-4years, cause he has all the habilities you mentionned above, after he has to be lucky enough not to be injured to do better.
Concerning mayer, i am not really agree with eierluke, because the technique hability is the most difficult to get, and 8400 with 11.10 at 100m is uncommun, and i let you guess how many points he would do with 10.85s which is very possible considering that he is only 22. Mayer missed 2 championships (european 2012, og2012 and gotzis 2013), but he really is a man who is good in championship like we saw in he his younger year and this year indoor 2013.
Like decathletes who have not strenght and physical skills, but technical skills, he really needs to be in very good shape to be outstanding, it is the law of "all or nothing".

anyway it is just my point and i understand all yours.
see you
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Posted: June 02, 2013
I'd just like to respond to something eierluke said about Damian Warner. Using the word "coward" to describe the 400m race run by Damian Warner in Gotzis is both disrespectful and ignorant. It is also ironic that you would call the winner of Gotzis a coward when 9 guys dropped out in the 2 weeks before the meet and 11 more quit during the event itself. Damian performed wonderfully in horrible conditions and anybody who uses the coward to describe his performance is an idiot.
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