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Ashton Eaton PR's and possible WR

Latest post: george taylor, Aug 28, 2011
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Posted: Aug 17, 2011
In a little over a year Ashton has recorded PR's in 9 of the 10 events. This includes stand alone events and events during decathlon competitions. The 1500 PR (4:20.56) is 3 years old. Why has it stood so long? Because he only runs it during decathlons and has not needed to score big in that event in 3 years.

When he got the Heptathlon WR he ran a six second PR in the 1000. That was a 4% improvement. If he needs a 4% improvement in the 1500 (4.10) for a decathlon WR who can say he won't dig down and get it. (He has run a 1:55 for the 800 and 2:32 for the 1000).

I think a big 1500 PR is the most likely route to a WR than incremental improvements in the weights.
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Posted: Aug 18, 2011
Eaton will need it all: consistency in the running and throwing events, improvement in throwing events, especially the javelin, and the a blazing 1,500. And he's capable of achieving all--right now.
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Posted: Aug 18, 2011
Just compare the results of Ashton's current Dec PR with that of the current WR and previous WR. It's just too painfully obvious to ignore the fact that his throws are extremely lacking when compared to them.

Ashton sprints better than both of them ever did. Jumps just as far, just as high. Hurdles better than they ever did and pole vaults just as well.

Of course we all want to see him improve over all his events. But to beat that WR, and smash it to peices. He will need large improvements in his throws.
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Posted: Aug 18, 2011
Eaton did throw 47.36m (155-4) in the discus this past weekend and also ran the 100 in 10.26 (wind legal), high jumped 2.10m (6-10.75) and threw the shot 13.96m (45-9.75). The shot was really his only "weak"event.
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Posted: Aug 20, 2011
He still has some reserves in various events.
The hurdles are already his best event, but who runs the 100m in 10,26 and the 1000m (indoor) in 2:32,67 min should definitely be able to run the 400m below 46s and the 1500m below 4:15min.
As far as I remember, he stated to expect 8,20m in the long jump. Considering his speed (10,26s 100m) and jumping ability (2,11m highjump) this appears to be a realistic target.
In the pole vault his technique already looks solid. He however does not go full throttle yet. He is fast, can jump and has a propper technique, once he gets comfortable with heavier pooles, I expect him to improve here.
In the discus throw he has already reached a good level, but we can't take it for granted that he'll improve dramatically in shot put and especially javelin. This might surprise some users, but there are some 8680+ decathletes who never got it to consistantly throw the javelin well. (Karpov PB: 60,31, Hämäläinen PB: 61,88, Voss PB: 61,76 (62,90 old jav))

Overall the throwing events will be the key to a possible new World Record. Without improving his shot put for at least half a meter and his javelin for at least 4 meters, not even the USA Record seems realistic.
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Posted: Aug 20, 2011
I dont think some of you are being very fair. Look at Ashton's PR's before this season started he has improved shot put almost 1.50 meters Discus 4 meters Javelin almost 4 meters How much more improvement or "big improvement do you want in on year?

Do not forget this is still his first professional season. For those of you hwo do not know the collegiate system you can ot train full time like everyone else in the world does while being a collegiate athlete.

If anyone thinks he has not made significant improvements in the throws you need to take a closer look. Also everyone already knows what he needs to do for a world record but to expect him to do it in his first year of professional training is crazy.
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Posted: Aug 21, 2011
B J Parish; your argument regarding the collegiate system is a good one. I'm from germany and used to "our" system where for an athlete it is more or less natural to perform in multi events in his early years with specializing in an individual event later on.
Taking these differences into account, I do understand that it takes an US athlete by times a little longer to become a "complete" athlete.
Yes, Eaton has improved his throwing events a lot recently.

My point wasn't that further improvement is not possible, my point was just that we can't take it for granted, since there are examples of some top athletes, who never became comfortable with the javelin.
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Posted: Aug 21, 2011
Being a good 1500 runner is not always good for the Decathon/ As can be seen from the progression of Daley Thompson his best in 1500 is at the age of 18:
1500 age
4:30.9 17
4:20.3 18
4:23.8 19
4:22.8 20
- 21
4:25.49 22
- 23
4:23.81 24
4:29.72 25
4:35.00 26
- 27
4:26.16 28
4:48.78 29
4:45.11 30
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Posted: Aug 25, 2011
Two points, eierluke, I am sure it should be called Combined Events and not Multi Events.

Yoram Re. Daley Thompson, Daley was always so far ahead comming into the 1500m that he never had to 'race' one, he only had to run one. He was such a great competitor that had the need arisen, he would have been capable of running faster.
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Posted: Aug 26, 2011
Even as a german I became a big Daley Thompson fan.
But there are no arguments to say that he could have been better in the 1500 m if he wanted.

1st) He ran the 4:20,3 early in his career, at a time when he wasn't ahead of the others after 9 events, so if he could have been better, it would have make sense to run faster by that time.

2nd) He later in his career (when he really dominated) had more muscles and more weight, which isn't an advatage in terms of running the 1500 m.

3rd) He had a 100m PB of 10,26s and a 400m PB of 46,86s. Good 1500m runners usually (though not necessary) do have another relation between those PB since 400m is an indicator of endurance. Look at Bill Toomey i.e. 10,41 - 45,68 - 4:12,7. Even Asthon Eaton (who by the way should be way faster in the 400m) has 10,26 - 46,28 - 4:20,56, which is very comparable to what Daley put up. My point is that I witnessed Daley a few times running out of gas at the end of the 400m, why sould he suddenly be able to find "new gas" to run the 1500m below 4:20,3min (which already isn't that shaby) ?
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Posted: Aug 28, 2011
Eierluke, you make some good points. You have also noted that in his later years he did put on a lot of muscle and subsiquently weight. The heavier you are the more energy it will use to run a 1500. One thing, we will never know.

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