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Posted: Oct 13, 2010
Decathlon fans here's a book that I think you will really enjoy. It's like a combination of Guinness Book and Ripley's Believe It or Not.

It not only has all kinds of decathlon records and little stories and facts but track & field records and stories as well as weightlifting and many other sports.

It's special in that it includes not only open records but age group records, bodyweight records and even records by athletes' heights. There are also sections on the progression of records. Lots of photos. Enjoy.

"Strength & Speed" by Dale Harder:
Posted: Oct 13, 2010
Janek, thanks so much for plugging my book. I'm pretty sure that anyone on this site would really enjoy it. The details are in your post above.
All the best,
Dale Harder
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Posted: Dec 03, 2010
I have bought every edition ever printed. It is an excellent book - I recommend it all serious sports fans.
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