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Ratingen 2009

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Posted: June 05, 2009

the entry list for Ratingen is online. No real surprises - all German athletes are on there. Two international names with Garcia and Pahapill

If you look at the PBs it could definitely be an exciting competition. My guess is (so far - might change...)

(1) Garcia ~8500

(2) Behrenbruch ~8450

(3) Schrader ~8400

(4) Pahapill ~8300

(5) Niklaus ~ 8300

As far as I know at least some of it will be shown live on German TV but I read there is also going to be a livestream available online on the meeting's homepage.
Posted: June 05, 2009
Mikk Pahapill yesterday in Tartu - new PB 110m hurdles - 14,30!

Posted: June 05, 2009
No real surprises, but one name missing: Dennis Leyckes - anything new on him?

Some others I don't see on the list, which one could imagine: Stefan Hommel, Stefan Matula, Simon Ruckdeschel (

Don't know anything about injuries or something

Moritz Cleve will start at NCAA Div. I (afaik)

A long list though ...

I will post my guess too, but I think I need to adjust my calculations more than once in the next two weeks. At least I hope to hear about some single results of Niklaus and Abele! Even more I hope they can compete!

Posted: June 05, 2009
I've forgotten one name to mention: again no Christopher Hallmann :-(

Does anybody know exactly why he had to pull ot after LJ in Bernhausen and how severe his injury is?
Posted: June 05, 2009
Hey @ all

Fantastic entry list in Ratingen

My guess, when he is fit, Behrenbruch make with a normal high jump 8500

Müller and Niklaus fight about the thrid place in the german decathlon team

Mike Pahapill gonna be a strong candidate for the victory in Ratingen, I really like to see that, also beacause of the fantastic site here

man i love the estonians!

Hallmann and Leyckes were mostly their whole career injured...

hope to see a big event in Ratingen

Posted: June 10, 2009
Abele and Niklaus - a substantial loss to the entry list :-(

But Yunior Diaz will replace Bob Altena

Posted: June 17, 2009
Schrader passes on Ratingen and will prepare on the WC after the effort in Götzis!

As in Götzis, the list is reduced :-(

My predictions now

Behrenbruch 8380

Müller 8333

Pahapill 8315

Garcia 8311

Minah 8034

Albert 7993

Diaz 7955

Posted: June 18, 2009
hm, I'll stick to my predictions from two weeks ago - except for Schrader and Niklaus of course..

So it would look like this

(1) Garcia ~8500

(2) Behrenbruch ~8450

(3) Pahapill ~8350

(4) Müller ~8300

(5) Minah ~8100

Posted: June 19, 2009
Hello everyone.

I am looking forward to seeing it live on stadium in Ratingen, but I am worried about weather, which is supposed to be cloudy and rainy, it is a pity that Schrader does not compete, but we can expect a battle between Garcia (he sets PBs in decathlon from race to race) and Pahapill (he did a new PB in hurdles and is an excellent thrower, if he repeats his results from Valencia is he able to get 8500 at least)
Posted: June 22, 2009
My predictions didn't hit the actual results very well, Jessica got the winner.

I really did not expect Garcia to do so well, since he arrived only at Friday night and it is often a difference between the results of athletes which the achieve in North Amerca or the Caribbean.

Bad luck for Pahapill!

What was wrong with Behrenbruch?

Posted: June 25, 2009
Behrenbruch said something about being really tired after the competition in Götzis. So it was hard for him now to compete in Ratingen (though before the competition he seemed pretty confident, with high expectations)...

Indeed bad luck for Pahapill - he was doing a good job until the pole vault.
Posted: June 25, 2009
I've found something about Behrenbruch in Ratingen and the criticism on him afterwards (in German):

Sorry for cross posting, but I think it fits in both topics

Posted: June 25, 2009
I can not understand the whole critc

if you are out of the race and you re not able to make 8500 points AND you are still qualified.

I think it was not a mistake!

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