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Decathlon Training

Latest post: Protasenia Stanislav, Aug 11, 2007
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Posted: Apr 05, 2007
Do you have any suggestions of trainning in season, for example one or two weeks before a decathlon competition?
Posted: Apr 06, 2007
work is already done one or two weeks out from a decathlon.

i like to hit at least one or two sessions with some speed endurance and max velocity stuff to make sure i'm timed up and capable of running fast. from there, just make sure you know your cues in each of the technical events and you're done... well, at least i am.

Posted: Apr 06, 2007
Depends on what level of decathlete you are. If you are a newbie, there is a chance you could continue to build more skill all the way up to your decathlon. Trey is right though, all the work is done. 5-7 days out you don't want to do much beyond a warm-up and you want to avoid activities that will create fatigue or soreness. Don't underestimate the amount of rest you need before a decathlon (probably biggest mistake made by decathletes) Do an active wm-up that will get you a good sweat, lace up the spikes and run a 40, 50, 60 and shut it down. The last week you should leave the track everyday feeling good and never tired.
Posted: Apr 06, 2007
Usually for me and my athlets , 1 saturday before the decathlon we make a little race-trainer: we work with the speed( 4x30 2x60) 3 long jump , 6 shot and 1 x 800 metres ( with time that u can run a 1500).all taht just for adapted the mind under stress for to make a mesure or time.

then for the last week we work not a lot, but just hurdles, some start , some pole , and we keep the level of speed very high and never to feel u tired , and enjoy this sport.

have g day

Posted: Apr 06, 2007
Your legs should have a lot of spring left. So, your taper should begin two weeks out. Note, I said taper. Nothing all out. at one week left, you might want to shut down any hard work. That way you will benefit psychologically. That is you will be busting at the seams and ready to explode.
Posted: Apr 09, 2007
well here in Brazil I've train in the first week a lot of sprints and throws.

at the second week we train a lot of special jumps and special sprints like hurdles and short space of high speed.

So I think that the right thing in the second week is Fell good to train and stay relax one day before DECA.

Good trains for all you!

See ya!

8000pts here I go
Posted: Apr 14, 2007
How often does everybody compete in local club meets? Also if and when you do, is this for extra training on top of what you are already doing, or programmed in as part of your training? I like to compete as often as I can but I don't know if it is taking away from some other training I can be doing. Is it better to put you training into competition situations as often as possible of hold off? Hope every one is going well and good luck for your season over there. Here in Australia we are starting our off season.

Posted: Apr 18, 2007
Hi all!

Summer training in itself should be fairly easy in comparison to winter during which decathletes should suffer(at least a little). Athletes that have done their work and prepared thoroughly should preferably take it easy the last two weeks. Penultimate week they can do technique and maybe one session with sprints(or sprint hurdle combination) up to MAX 150 m(3-4 races-only one 150).

The weekend before can preferably be used for competitions, but no 400m or other very demanding diciplines.

The last five days should be used for rest and maybe a few very easy tension building sessions.

Good luck
Posted: Apr 26, 2007
Sorry but I dont want make new topic.My name is Michał (39) am from Poland and I coach young atlets. My quastion is conectect with pole vault - I'm not a specialist and we haven't posibility to practice- is it posible to start in decathlon without this ability- My competitors are young junior kategory and quit well but what to do in this matter??
Posted: Aug 11, 2007
a tough one there my friend. Pole vault is very important in decathlon and give away many points. So if your LONG TERM goal is to create top decathlete with scoring abilities 7500 you NEED to practice pole vault.

What you can do now is do a lot of gymnastics, and i mean a lot!

Along with gymnastics you can built the best Long Jump you can (which will help the athlete in pole vaulting later on).

And finally you can do as many mimic exercises as you can like : running with pole vault and learn how to lower it, how to move your hands, how to take off the ground AND move your arms. Also you can find a 3m pole and do some take offs at the long jump (run, put the vault in the sand and do some rotations of the body and land on the sand) like they were doing in the old days.

Eventually you will need to take your boys to a place where they can do a pole vault training 1 time a month.

After that the next best thing for you will be to do live training at the day of the competition, you will have to make your athletes begin jumping from very low heights (like 2.50 m) and gradually work their way up.

All the above are my opinions as a Physical educator and as a decathlete.

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