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All-time Decathlon ranking by category
Here's a compilation for Decathlon total score ranking by each category such as running, jumping and throwing events. It would cover for the last 60 years and target for whole results without any restriction, therefore it includes marks which …
TOP 20 for Decathlon total score ranking by category
Zach Ziemek reached amazing new world best for total points of jumping events
Roman Šebrle: World’s Greatest Decathlete - Ever
How many ways can we say, “ Roman Šebrle of the Czech Republic is the world’s greatest performer ever in the century ‐old tradition of the decathlon? I can think of at least five: Šebrle’s uniqueness, longevity, consistency, …
Top 20 per groups of events
Heptathlon total score top 20 ranking by running and jumping category.
From National Champion to the best personal trainer in NYC
Here is an interview with successful businessman Alex Folacci
Top 20 per group of events >7000
Decathlon total top 20 score ranking by running, jumping and throwing category.