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Decathlon 2000 seeks funding to expand the web site (0)

Janek Salmistu
June 30, 2016

Damian Warner by Michel FisquetSince 1999, Decathlon 2000 has been the priority internet source for comprehensive information of combined events – the discipline of physical and mental prowess. The champion of Decathlon has always been crowned traditionally the king of the track and field, The World’s Greatest Athlete.

We are the well-known information source for Decathlon fans but as well for decathletes and their coaches and other officials and professionals in the Decathlon world. You are able to find information of Decathlon history, its development, rules, news, interviews, athlete’s bios, training and coaching materials and articles, chatting forums and all the needed information of decathletes of all over the World.

We have hundreds of members across the globe, they are representing people who are impressively educated and they are discerning customers with wide range of international relations, they are fond of and focused on physical fitness, world of sports and popular culture.

Decathlon 2000 seeks funding to expand the web site. We want to upscale functionality of web pages and improve services for example to have deeper historical statistics and featured news to bring the Decathlon to the greater international prominence that it definitely deserves.

If you know people or companies who can offer small funding please forward this message to them.

If you have opportunity to donate Decathlon 2000 right now - please follow here:

Thank you and see you on Decathlon 2000!
Janek Salmistu

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