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Aug 15, 2009

I’m preparing a system to follow the Decathlon Competition in Berlin. My method have two steps: one before the start of Decathlon and the other (the most important) inside the Decathlon Competition.

I’m publishing my System (called Combined Events Projection System, SPC by the initials in Spanish) in my website. You can check it in The Description of System is in Spanish but you can understand it because you are an expert in Combined Events.

In summary the system can project a result for every competition using the previous results of every athlete entry in the contest. Before Berlin’s Decathlon I will publish four information that can help the readers to understand better the situation in the field.

The data that appear previous to Berlin will be:

- Projection (is ready to check; is a projection that I calculated for every athlete in every event)

- PB-10 (ready to check too; I called it IDEAL RESULT; is a Decathlon that use the PB of athletes in every individual event)

- PB (will be soon; is the same study but using the PB in Decathlon for every athlete)

- SB (will be soon; is a similar study using the SB in Decathlon for every athlete)

Inside Berlin’s Decathlon appear the most interesting study:

- Complete SPC: is an study that combine, in one row by athlete, Berlin, SB, PB, PB-10 and Projection. In addition I calculate, after each event, the difference in points of result in Berlin with each one other result (SB, PB, PB-10 and Projection). Experts, press and fans can follow, with many data and information, the real develop of competition and can predict (guiding with the Projected result) the order after 10 events.

I’m sending you this information because I know that you have many contacts interested in Combined Events. Can you share my link with all CE lovers that you know? Thank you in advance.


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