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Janek Salmistu replied to a topic
Apr 12, 2016
Calf muscle injury is common in sports. Treatment includes rest, ice and compression during …
 Injury - what to do
Decathlete2000 replied to a topic
Apr 12, 2016
@yusuf pehlevan I care about it becasue I cant jog, i cant run, i can sprint, i cant hurdle, i …
 Injury - what to do
Janek Salmistu replied to a topic
Apr 12, 2016
Universiade Kazan 2013 results [...] van der Plaetsen won the golden medal!
 Unversiade 2013 Kazan
yusuf pehlevan replied to a topic
Apr 12, 2016
I think you should not to be care about it. Its will be ok. I wish all the best for you.
 Injury - what to do
Decathlete2000 started a topic
Apr 11, 2016
hi, i just had an injury 10 days ago in my left calf muscle, the pain is deep under the calf …
 Injury - what to do
Sonnemann,Gunther started a topic
Mar 02, 2016
I have put up a formula to the inquiry of an long jump. The jump width is dependent primarily on …
 the optimum broad log jump
XXX started a topic
Feb 01, 2016
If one were to list the key physical attributes for decathlon success, what would you include? …
 Decathlon Theory
Sonnemann,Gunther replied to a topic
Oct 23, 2015
before the table of the IAAF 1985 there was the belgrader table of 1964. This changed above all …
 Calculation of decathlon points
Stein-Ljodvar started a topic
Sep 16, 2015
World champion 1983: Francis (Daley) Thompson, 8666 points But according to the points …
 Calculation of decathlon points
JOAQUÍN CARMONA TORRE replied to a topic
July 01, 2015
Here >5000 [...]
 pole vault record in decathlon