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The ability of OB to run a quality 1500 meters forced him to pass at least three attempts to a new WR. His first decathlon 1500 meter in 1990 in Santa Barbara CA was his pr. It hurt he remembered every time he ran a dog that gets hit with a switch..every time the dog remembers. Not that OB didn't have the physical ability, but yes he lacked the killer instinct in the 1500. It was survival of the event. He never lost a single major deca due to his inability to run a 1500m. With all his baggage he still was a fantastic deca athlete and now is a wonderful person helping out at Arizona State University.
Aleksei Sysoyev
Michael Keller wrote on May 06, 2010
FANTASY DECATHLON CHALLENGE DRAFT‏ You are one of my four drafts for the draft being conducted world wide based on your 2010 performances. I could not find an email address for you so hopefully you will see this note. I will be anxious to see your results as you move through the 2010 season. Michael Keller, Former coach of 12 years with Olympic Gold Medalist; Dan O'Brien.">