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The chronicles of Bulgarian women’s multiple events: 1989 - 1995 (0)

Alexander Vangelov
Jan 18, 2016


The forthcoming European Cup in Helmond required all Bulgarian “troops” to prepare at high level. At Bulgarian Multiple Champs in Sofia on 17-18 June Svetla Dimitrova began her Multiple activity with precious 13.49 at 100 m hurdles. It was rainy during whole two days and the track was soaked and sleazy….Svetla continued with 1.77 at HJ; good 13.98 at SP and at the end of the first day run 200 m for 23.59. At second day Svetla Dimitrova leaped to pb (6.49) at LJ in her only jump (it was not necessary to jeopardize), The the javelin flied over 40 m (40.10) and finally run 800 m for another pb of 2:11.10…That meant 6428 points, only 37 points below the world junior record of Sibylle Thiele (GDR) 6465…. Emilia Dimitrova placed second with 5620 (15.02; 1.65; 13.65; 24.98/ 5.91; 41.68; 2:21.36). Third (and first at the junior rank) completed Karamfilka Petrova with pb 5514 points (14.26; 1.65; 12.52; 34.56/ 6.21; 26.36; 2:19.55)… Ivanka Valkova exceed 5000 limit for fourth place (5104).

The four athletes flied for Netherland in a good spirit and shape. In Helmond the weather was cloudy and cool (15-16 Grad C), but the girls felt ready to fight to end. Yet in second heat of 100 m hurdles Svetla Dimitrova made good beginning for rest 13.30 (+0.92) followed by Britain Kim Hagger 13.60… Ivanka Valkova run 13.74 (-0.6) for second place in Heat 4. The winner Remigia Nazarovene clocked the best of all – 13.18. Emilia Dimitrova recorded 14.37 (0.67) in Heat 5 and Karamfilka Petrova 14.44 (+1.86) in Heat 7…. After first event URSS 3198, Bulgaria 3022, Netherland 2956, FRG 2934, Finland 2926, France 2907, Gbr 2870

Second event – High jump – maintained Bulgarian positions. In Group A seven (!) athletes got over 1.84 – Marjon Wijsma (Ned), Sabine Braun (FRG) and Cornelia Sulek-Heinrich (FRG) made it of first try. Svetla Dimitrova, Larisa Nikitina, Jane Barnetson (Gbr) and Odil Lesage (Fra) succeed in their second attempts. Nobody could get through next height of 1.87…Svetla hasn’t had achieved such 1.84 since 1986….. In that group A Emilia Dimitrova made her own with 1.75. Karamfilka Petrova equaled her pb with 1.78, beaten only by soviet Marianna Maslennikova 1.81. Third was Ivanka Valkova with 1.75. After second event Svetla lead (2109) ahead Nazarovene (2088), Nikitina (2072), Braun (2033) and Ruotsalainen (Fin) 2022. Team placing: URSS led with 6177 before BUL 5910 and FRG 5908…

Good 14.35 at Shot putting hold Svetla Dimitrova in front of the crowd (except soviet Nikitina & Nazarovene and Cornelia Heinrich). Larisa putted 15.99 and Nazarovene 14.77. Between both placed Heinrich with 15.74. In that group A Emilia Dimitrova recorded 13.44…. In Group B best was Natalya Shubenkova 14.48 and fourth Karamfilka Petrova 12.89….Last remained Ivanka Valkova 9.51….The individual rank was Nikitina 2999, Nazarovene 2933, Svetla Dimitrova 2926, Heinrich 2910…14.Emilia D. 2600, 15.Karamfilka 2590 and 26. Valkova 2428. Team placement: 1.URSS 8698, 2.FRG 8376, 3.Bulgaria 8116, Netherlands 7912…

The 200 m dash brought joy and relief for Bulgarians. Yet in Heat 1 Svetla Dimitrova gave the best of all contenders – 23.33 (into stormed head wind of (-2.28)…Karamfilka Petrova reached her pb with 24.61 (-1.46) in third heat. Emilia Dimitrova had the misfortune to be blowed by storming tail wind of (-4.27) in Heat 6. So she showed no better than 25.55…. In Heat 8 Ivanka Valkova was exhausted and…only 25.93. Nobody except Svetla and Remigia Nazarovene (23.96 in Heat 3) could go down under 24 seconds…. After first day Svetla Dimitrova raised at first place 3972, ahead of Nikitina 3952, Nazarovene 3918, Heinrich 3786, Shubenkova 3689, Maslennikova 3682, Ruotsalainen 3680, Braun 3673…..Karamfilka Petrova was 13th 3513, Emilia Dimitrova – seventeenth 3437 and Ivanka Valkova 3231……URSS team led in 11055, followed by FRG 10943 and Bulgaria 10922, way ahead of Netherlands 10578.

Second day continued more optimistic for Bulgarians. At Long Jump (in Group A) Larisa Nikitina made three mighty leaps (6.70 (-1.86), 6.74 (-1.65) and 6.75 (-2.52). Svetla Dimitrova began with 6.47 (-1.42), proceed with 6.34 (-1.51). In her third try the wind was gain head (-1.57). Svetla jeopardized and leaped at the 6.60 m mark. But the judge took red flag – foul. Third palce in that group was for west german Cornelia Heinrich 6.37 (-1.05)….. Emilia Dimitrova made her season best of 1989 with 6.22 (-1.90)… There was no any support from the other two Bulgarian in Group B. Karamfilka Petrova recorded 5.99 (+1.33) and Ivanka Valkova completed much below her pb with three miserable leaps – 5.67 (+1.62), again 5.67 (-0.5) and 5.64 (+1.55)… After fifth event Nikitina kept the leadership with 5041, ahead of Svetla D. 4969, Nazarovene 4858, Heinrich 4751, Braun 4616….. Karamfilka was 14th with 4359, Emilia D. 15th with 4355 and Ivanka Valkova 27th with 3981 points. URSS girls stayed in front with 14484, second Bulgaria 13693 and FRG 13628. Fourth were hostesses from Netherlands 13157 points…..

Javelin changed the things for worse concerning Bulgarians. In Group A Larisa Nikitina was so mighty with three steady throws of 56.44, 56.64 and 56.78… Almost 10 meters (!) below finished Ruotsalainen 47.38, ahead of Nazarovene 45.18 and Sabine Braun 44.92. Svetla Dimitrova had no suitable spiked shoes specialized for Javelin. She made a satisfying first try with 39.20, after that 37.92 and a foul. Emilia D. could overwhelm 40 m – 40.26…. In second Group B the situation with ours occured tragic. Ivanka Valkova threw as she could – 29.74 & 32.70. But Karamfilka Petrova managed only ratty 25.64 for last 15th place in B Group… As consequence of poor Javelin Svetla Dimitrova remained at third place 5621 (after Nikitina 6033 & Nazarovene 5625, only four points more than Svetla), but ahead of Heinrich 5440, Braun 5378, Shubenkova 5351 and Ruotsalainen 5332…. At team table URSS stayed ahead 17009, FRG 15968 and Bulgaria stably on third place 15401, ahead of Finland 15154…

Four Bulgarian heptathletes scheduled in the last third heat of 800 m, according to current standings. A company of them made soviets and West Germans… The two URSS athletes Shubenkova and Nazarovene went quickly in front and led almost the whole course…..Natalya Shubenkova completed the race fo 2:08.91 followed by Remigia Nazarovene 2:09.26… Svetla Dimitrova won the battle for third place, recording 2:13.56, ahead of Sabine Braun 2:16.16 and Birgit Clarius (FRG) 2:16.45…. Karamfilka Petrova finished sixth for 2:16.98, Emilia Dimitrova was behind with 2:17.81….Ivanka Valkova managed to finish the race at last in penultimate position with 2:33.90.

The final individual rank was: 1.Larisa Nikitina 6875, 2.Remigia Nazarovene 6600, 3.Svetla Dimitrova 6534 (new world junior record). Almost 200 points behind fourth ranked Natalya Shubenkova 6345, fifth Cornelia Heinrich 6256, sixth Sabine Braun 6254, seventh Finn Satu Ruotsalainen 6224….. Emilia Dimitrova took prestige 12th place 5881, Karamfilka Petrova was 15th at last with pb of 5618 points…..And Ivanka Valkova completed with 5154 points for 27th place…. At team scoring the champion became (as expected) URSS with 19820, second place was for FRG 18532 and third for Bulgaria 18033, ahead of Finland 17849, Netherland 17115 and Great Britain 17004

Some ten days later it was announced that Svetla Dimitrova has had failed drug test. Thus she lost third place overall, and also the world junior record. Svetla was disqualified for two years!!!!.... Our team felt down from third to six place with 16603, before France 16620 and Czechoslovakia 16560….

Meanwhile Karamfilka Petrova took part in “Druzhba” tournament in Pyongpang (North Korea) at the beginning of August. There she rank first with gold medal with score of 5464 point (the run timings were hand measured!)…..

At the end of August (26-27 Aug) in Varazdin (Yugoslavia) held the women’s junior Pentathlon from the European Junior Champs. In the absence of Svetla Dimitrova it was so easy for blonde soviet Tatyana Blokhina to win the gold with modest 6032 points….. Karamfilka Petrova was in Varazdin and begun some hesitantly with 15.19 at 100 m hurdles, followed with good 1.75 at HJ. Petrova got the promising 14.35 at SP (the best among all 15 contenders). Her 25.07 at 200 m were fourth best after Beatrice Mau (GDR) 24.64, Blokhina’s 24.72 and Marcela Podracka 24.79… Long jump at the start of second day was not good as Karamfilka as she would wish to be….With 5.88 she remained again at fourth position, after Christiane Scharf (FRG) 6.09, Mau 5.97, Astrid Haindl (FRG) 5.91. Javelin was again crucial and…. disaster. With only 27.98 measured Karamfilka lost any real chance for winning any medal…. At 800 Petrova was not able to achieve anything special and with 2:20.46 she managed to score 5499 points for seventh place, only 13 pointa after the sixth Norwegian Rita Rosseland – 5512 points……


Yurka KhristovaAt the traditional indoor multiple meeting in Sofia on 24-25 February Liliana Nastase arrived in Sofia in excellent shape, aiming for something really special. And she did!!!! – The world best at women’s Pentathlon….Her score of 4705 (8.19; 1.72; 13.71; 6.77; 2:16.60) would have been World Indoor record. But the officials in Sofia didn’t made the necessary to prepare the papers for ratification of that record… They even didn’t send any blanks to IAAF, filled up with the needing data and signs…

For the first time in the Bulgarian history only one woman exceed 5000 yearly. Yurka Khristova made that twice – first time in Sofia on 15-16 June 5099 (14.64; 1.69; 11.36; 26.29/ 5.44; 34.22; 2:26.59) and second time, also in Sofia on 07-08 July 5348 points (14.67; 1.73; 12.35; 26.39/ 5.80; 36.12; 2:26.16). The young 17 years old Mariana Zhekova Petrova almost piped 5000 limit with 4982 (14.85; 1.63; 10.51; 25.75/ 5.77; 33.84; 2:34.58). That happened in Sofia at the end of May (26-27 May).


The duel between Yurka Khristova and Emilia Dimitrova was attractive and spectacular during 1991 Individual Champ in Plovdiv on 15-16 June. After first two (100 m hurdles 13.83 and HJ 1.78) led Yurka to Emilia 15.17 & 1.60…After that Emilia tried to catch up Yurka with 14.26 SP and 25.28 200 m (Khirstova did 11.43 & 26.12). The second half began with advance of Emilia (6.00 LJ) against Yurka (5.74), but Khristova continued to lead (that stood after Javelin 40.66 of Emilia Dimitrova verse 38.20 of Yurka Khristova). The last event of 800 m Yurka Khristova (2:24.38) didn’t give up to Emilia Dimitrova (2:24.64) and succeed to save her slight advantage with 5535 points to Emilia’s 5519 behind. Marieta Gencheva ranked third with 5077 p.

Those four flied for second consecutive time to Helmond, where European Cup Combined events held like two years before….This time Bulgarian women were not the same competitive. None of them even at that time (06-07 July) reached the top of rankings. However Emilia Dimitrova could gather 5373 (14.97; 1.60; 13.96; 25.48/ 5.98; 35.52; 2:26.92) for 25th place. Yurka Khristova placed some below with 5339 (14.46; 1.78; 11.82; 25.85/ 5.52; 34.94; 2:26.64) - enough only for 28th place. Tsetsa Kancheva 4705 (30th overall) and Marieta Gencheva 4609 (31th) couldn’t assist and help at all. Bulgsrian women team ranked at last eight place with 15417 points and fell down to Group A…. Yurka Khristova travelled after a few days to Sheffield where took place at Universiade’91. In England she scored 5494 points for distant 15th place!


The great return of Svetla Dimitrova (after two years disqualification) happened at Hypobank Meeting in Götzsis on 30-31 may 1992…. No fewer than 30 of the most famous heptathletes arrived in Austria. After three events Sabibe Braun (Ger) led with 3103 (13.11; 1.93; 14.84), followed by black American Kym Carter 2863 (14.22; 1.87; 14.82), Birgit Clarius (Ger) 2862 (14.06; 1.81; Russian Irina Belova 2829 (13.56; 1.84; 13.47), the Pole Urszula Wlodarczyk 2824 (13.61; 1.81; 14.08)… Svetla begun with good 13.41 at 100 m hurdles and 1.75 HJ, before making pb at SP – 14.72 for 2821 points and sixth place….Seventh was Romanian Liliana Nastase with 2801 points. At fourth event – 200 m – Dimitrova was dominant and mighty for second pb in a raw – 23.06 (!!!), ahead of Nastase 23.35, Braun 23.65, Finn Satu Ruotsalainen 23.80, Wlodarczyk 23.89 and Peggy Beer 24.03. After the first day the leader became Sabine Braun 4118, second was Dimitrova 3894, third Nastase 3845, Wlodarczyk 3815, Belova 3786, Beer 3780, Clarius 3769, Carter 3767, Ruotsalainen 3753, Belarusian Svetlana Buraga 3719 (13.29; 1.78; 13.01; 24.25)… Long jump on second day began with absence of Irina Belova (Anke Behmer injured herself at 200 m previous evening). The best ranked Romanian Nastase with pb 6.68, ahead of Svetla Dimitrova with another pb – 6.64 (+1.9) and Sabine Braun 6.63 (+1.2). No one else could even exceed 6.30 (Clarius 6.28, Ruotsalainen 6.26, Hungarian Rita Inancsi 6.24, Russian Veronika Ryzhova 6.24, Buraga 6.21, and three other at exactly 6.20 – Germans Beatrice Mau and Monika Steigauf and Norwegian Anne Britt Skjaveland… Braun led to Svetla with 5167 to 4947, third Nastase 4911, Clarius 4706, Wlodarczyk 4702, Ruotsalainen 4683… Young German Beatrice Mau threw the Javelin further 52.04, ahead of Sabine Braun 51.62. Both were the only that exceeded 50 meters. Clarius made 46.12, Pole Malgorzata Lisowska 45,54, Ruotsalainen 44.04, Inancsi 43.98 and Svetla Dimitrova 43.84…Nastase threw below – 42.92, also Wlodarczyk 41.48….Before 800 m run Braun led in confidence 6059, Svetla was second 5688, third Nastase 5634, fourth Clarius 5491, fifth Ruotsalainen 5429, sixth Wlodarczyk 5398, seventh Beatrice Mau 5355, eith Buraga 5239, ninth Inancsi 5230…. At the last event – 800 m the Swedish Monika Westen was furious in the penultimate heat and won with unbelievable 2:04.68. Buraga 2:19.10 and Inancsi 2:20.57 were weak and went down on the table score. In last heat Birgit Clarius 2:08.49 edged Svetla Dimitrova 2:09.60 (pb) for wining the race. Polish Maria Kamrowska was third 2:10.71, fourth Nastase 2:10.95, fifth Braun 2:12.67, sixth Ruotsalainen 2:13.06, seventh Wlodarczyk 2:13.63, eighth Beatrice Mau 2:13.67 and ninth Monika Steigauf 2:13.91. So Sabine Braun won the Grand Prix of 45000 US dollars prize for victory with new German record – 6985, second with new Bulgarian record of 6658 (still stays today, 23 years later) ranked Svetla Dimitrova. Liliana Nastase also made national record for third spot – 6585….the placement after that: 4. Birgit Clarius 6478, 5.Satu Ruotsalainen 6348, 6. Urszula Wldarczyk 6310, 7. Beatrice Mau 6267, 8. Maria Kamrowska 6137, 9. Monika Steigauf 6093, 10. Anne Britt Skjaveland 6085, 11. Svetlana Buraga 6075, 12.Rita Inancsi 6046, 13. Veronika Ryzhova 6040, 14. Monica Westen 6032… Svetla beat all the world class multi-players and conceded only to Sabine Braun (here the absent was world record holder Jackie Joyner-Kersee)….

Yurka Khristova became Bulgarian champion in Sofia on 13-14 June, almost reaching her pb with 5819 poins (13.93; 1.78; 12.01; 25.15/ 6.11; 39.40; 2:21.45)…She became also Balkan champion in Sofia on 04-05 July performing 5756 (13.95; 1.80; 12.80; 25.30/ 5.98; 33.46; 2:19.14)…

Svetla decided to perform her second Heptathlon for 1992 straight at Olympade in Barcelona on 01-02 August. She was settled in Heat 1 of 100 m hurdles along with best hurdlers. The winner here was Jackie Joyner-Kersee 12.85, a fraction ahead of Liliana Nastase 12.86….Svetla edged Sabine Braun for third place 13.23 (and 13.25 for Braun). Peggy Beer was fifth 13.48 and sixth Urszula Wlodarczyk 13.57… Irina Belova won 13.25 in second heat ahead of Satu Ruotsalainen, Maria Kamrowska 13.48, the US Cindy Greiner 13.59 and Estonian Anju Kaljurand 13.64… Britain Clova Court won third heat with 13.48… In Group A at High Jump Sabine Braun cleared 1.94 (!), ahead of Joyner-Kersee 1.91 and Belova 1.88…Other four got 1.82 – Clarius, Wlodarczyk, Beer and Skjaveland….In Group B the French Odile Lesage got 1.88, Kim Carter – 1.85. The Chinese Yuqing Zhou and Liliana Nastase got 1.82…..Svetla felt pain in the left knee (the same that was surged) and interrupt at 1.73 (clearing only 1.70)… Shot putting was good for all of them – Clarius 15.33, Romanian Petra Vaideanu 14.96, Dimitrova 14.68, Remigia Nazarovene and Maria Kamrowska 14.49 tie. In that Group A Jackie Joyner-Kersee (14.13) and Sabine Braun (14.23), as well as Kim Carter (14.35) were not at their bests… Second Group B was weaker  – Nastase 14.34, Clova Court 13.85 and Belova 13.77…. The 200 m run happened at high level. Heat 1 showed the winner Peggy Beer with 23.93. In Heat 2 Svetla Dimitrova won of 23.31, edging Irina Belova (23.34) with mere 3 hundred of second. Nastase completed third here with 23.70. In Heat 3 Jyner-Kersee finished as clear winner with 23.12, well ahead of Chinese Yuqing Zhu 23.83 an Courth 23.95…. And the last Heat 4 was not satisfying for Sabine Braun who won with 24.27…

Second day began with mighty 7.10 (+1.3) at Long Jump (as expected) of Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Second in Group A with pb ranked Irina Belova – 6.82 (0.0). Third with no more than 6.49 placed Romanian Liliana Nastase, fourth Cindy Greiner 6.38….Svetla Dimitrova disappointed (most of all herself) with 5.95, 6.11 & 6.08. The pain at knee was already stronger and didn’t allow her to step sharply on the take-off board!...Group B at LJ was weaker – Hellene Aro (Fin) was best with only 6.23 m…. The sixth event – Javelin Throw shows excellent tries of French Nathalie Teppe 52.58, Sabine Brau 51.12, Finn Tina Rättyä 49.02 and Peggy Beer 48.10. Svetla kept calm after a scaring first try (30.74) and improved to 40.08 and another better throw of 44.48. In Group B the dark Britain Clova Courth made good first effort with 52.12, second was Vaideanu 49.00 and third remained world record holder Joyner-Kersee – 44.98…In second heat of the last event (800 m) Kym Carter led the half way (65.32) before fighting for victory with Birgit Clarius. At last Carter won with 2:08.62, Clarius piped her with 2:08.83… The third and final heat of 800 m showed Liliana Nastase pulling away at first 400 m with 62.58. Soon after, at around 550 m the Russian Irina Belova made her stroke and pulled to run in leadership till finish line. Her victory was so clear (2:05.08) that she moved to second place and silver medal overall. Second in the race finished Svetla Dimitrova with pb of 2:07.90. Third was brave young Lady Peggy Beer with 2:09.49. Nastase completed exhausted enough with 2:11.22 for fourth place. Joyner-Kersee arrived for fifth place in 2:11.78, sixth behind her completed Sabine Braun 2:14.35….So Olympic champion for second consecutive time became American Jackie Joyner-Kersee (7044), second was Irina Belova 6845 pb, third with bronze remained Sabine Braun 6649. Fourth, only 30 points behind stayed Liliana Nastase 6619. Svetla Dimitrova was desperate with the fifth place (6464), 30 points ahead of Peggy Beer (6434). Seventh ranked Birgit Clarius with 6388 p., eighth the Pole Urszula Wlodarczyk with 6333. Of 33 competitiors eighteen overcame the 6000 points barrier….The level of quality was so high…..

Svetla Dimitrova wouldn’t wish to end the season with that fifth place. She was invited to DecaStar in Talence on 04-05 Sepotember. There Svetla scored 6411 for third place (13.54; 1.75; 14.40; 23.47/ 6.17; 44.60; 2:11.80) behind Irina Belova 6673 (13.27; 1.81; 13.43; 23.50/ 6.71; 43.84; 2:07.90) and Sabine Braun 6496 (13.24; 1.90; 14.04; 24.54/ 6.25; 51.84; 2:25.41). But ahead of russian Irina Tyukhay 6386 (13.34; 1.81; 13.80; 24.29/ 6.50; 41.68; 2:15.92), Finn Satu Ruotsalainen 6362 (13.43; 1.84; 12.00; 24.07/ 6.45; 43.58; 2:13.68) and Urszula Wlodarczyk 6332 (13.31; 1.81; 13.68; 24.03/ 6.30; 42.24; 2:17.41)….


Svetla Dimitrova and her coach Iliyan Pishtikov decide to participate at Indoor Pentathlon at World Champ in Toronto on 12 March. In second heat of 60 m hurdles she edged with 8.19 Irina Belova 8.20, Liliana Nastase 8.21, Irina Tyukhai 8.32, Urszula Wlodarczyk 8.41 and DeDe Nathan 8.58…. Second event (High Jump) Showed Kym Carter above all (1.88), followed by Irina Belova & Urszula Wlodarczyk (1.82) and two others (Birgit Clarius & Irina Tyukhay) with 1.79…Liliana Nastase managed 1.76… Dimitrova cleared only 1.70… Third event was Shot putting. German Birgit Clarius putted the steel ball to 15.52, followed by Petra Vaideanu 14.65….Svetla achieved in good manner. With foul at her first try she proceed with 14.22 and 14.56. When doing her third attempt, Dimitrova hitted badly her right ankle. Her foot tumefied and Svetla has to interrupt her appearance…. At Long jump Irina Belova and Irina Tyukhai tied for 6.45, Liliana Nastase did 2 sm mere, landed twice exactly on 6.43 m. Wlodarczyk was modest with 6.23 m….At second heat of 800 m Belova couldn’t catch Kym Carter (2:10.69), but with her 2:11.11 was able to win gold with 4787 overall. Third ranked Birgit Clarius 2:11.34 and 4641 overall for fourth place…Liliana Nastase run for 2:14.13 and silver overall (4686). Wlodarczyk could achieve 2:16.09 for 4667 points and bronze….

Svetla Dimitrova cured her injury and commence the summer season very early… She travelled to Brescia in Italia where on 15-16 May won her first Heptathlon with 6470 (13.07; 1.66; 15.50; 24.21/ 6.28; 48.18; 2:12.21). Svetla improved her marks in SP & JT and added some points… Dimitrova left Romanian Nastase far behind – 6260 (13.24; 1.72; 13.36; 24.05/ 6.33; 41.84; 2:13.87)….

Meanwhile in Sofia Yurka Khristova improved with more than 100 points her own pb. On 22-23 May she competed very steadily and gathered good sum – 5935 (13.93; 1.83; 12.40; 24.81/ 6.08; 37.38; 2:18.22)…..

At Hypobank meeting in Götzis on 29-30 May Svetla Dimitrova arrived confident and in good spirit….All the world elite was there (excluding Jackie Joyner-Kersee). Svetla and Sabine Braun edged each other with 13.21 at 100 m hurdles (Nastase was fraction ahead with 13.16)…..Sabine Braun impressed again with excellent High Jump – 1.93, followed by Tatyana Blokhina (Rus) 1.87…. Dimitrova was well below – only 1.66…At Shot putting Bulgarian marked 14.88, only 2 sm mere that German Birgit Clarius 14.90. Sabine Braun putted her usual 14.68 m to hold the leadership. Only Blokhina tried to approach closely to Dimitrova at 200 m. Svetla did good 23.30, ahead of Blokhina 23.77, Sabine Braun 24.11, Wlodarczyk 24.13…. In other heat Bettina Braag (Ger) clocked 24.02, as did Birgit Gautzsch….

At second day Sabine Braun didn’t appear near the Long Jump pit – she felt pain in her leg competing at 200 m the previous evening….That did not affect the contest most. Three women leaped exactly (!) on 6.60 – Svetla Dimitrova 6.60 (0.4), Tatyana Zhuravleva 6.60 (1.0) and Irina Tyukhai 6.60 (1.2)…The odds had never seen such precise measurement before. Hungarian Rita Inancsi landed at 6.40, Mona Steigaud 6.38, Anzhela Atroshenko – at 6.37 m…. Svetla was in distinct leadership. Nobody could exceed 50 m at Javlin throw… The Czech Marcela Podracka – 49.72, Petra Vaideanu 49.66,  Beatrice Mau threw 49.34, the Belgian Ingrid Didden – 49.16… Behind them Birgit Clarius marked 47.66, Blokhina 46.74, Inancsi 46.30….Svetla Dimitrova bestirred for enough 46.00 m exactly. At last event 800 m favorites were gathered in the last event…. For the first place and win Tatyana Zhuravlyova (2:08.21) edged German Birgit Clarius (2:08.33)….Third arrived Tatyana Blokhina with 2:09.27…. Svetla Dimitrova almost catch her finishing fourth for 2:09.62….Svetla was so exhausted that after the final she felt on the grass inside without breath and could not stand up for a while…. The final ranking occurred as followed: 1.Dimitrova 6594 (her second best ever), 2.Tatyana Blokhina 6569, 3.Birgit Clarius 6493, 4.Irina Tyukhai 6406, 5.Tatyana Zhuravleva 6328, 6.Rita Inancsi (Hun) with NR 6263, 7.Urszula Wlodarczyk 6253, 8.Petra Vaideanu 6214, 9.Beatrice Mau 6207, 10.Monika Steigauf 6195. A total of 13 heptathletes overwhelmed 6000 points.

In Sofia on 12-13 June Yurka Khristova became Bulgarian champion exceeding for the first time 6000 points. Her sum appeared as 6028 (13.91; 1.84; 13.04; 24.68/ 6.24; 37.94; 2:20.97)…. She then flied for Buffalo (14-15 July) to take part at Summer Universiade. Yurka commenced not in good manner. She stumbled at first hurdle at 100 m hurdles and showed modest 14.73, following with 1.80; 12.46; 25.30 at the end of first day. Second day continued with weak 5.77 m at LJ, 38.80 at Javelin and finally with 2:17.35) and 5691 points for fifth place…

In postolympic year almost nobody of specialts could predict such precise level of results and such consistency of appearance. A lot of tournaments with more and more excellent scores – that was 1993 in all….And now it was turn of the 4th World Champs in Stuttgart. The Heptathlon Schedule was on 16-17 August at “Gotlieb Deimler Stadion”. The first heat of 100 m hurdles showed brilliant victory of Svetla Dimitrova (12.85) over Jackie Joyner-Kersee (12.89) beside her and Svetlana Buraga (12.95). The Commonwealth Champion Jane Flemming (Aus) was behind 13.08 and Sabine Braun finished fifth in 13.25. What a marvelous start of Svetla!!! In second heat Tatyana Blokhina was the winner with mere 13.63, in third the Pole Maria Kamrowska was ahead 13.34 before Kym Carter 13.62 and Clova Court (Gbr) 13.64..

Second event was High Jump. In Group A Sabine Braun was expected winner with 1.90.. Four other cleared 1.84 – Larisa Nikitina (Rus), Svetlana Buraga (Blr), Kym Carter and Russian Tatyna Blokhina….Three succeed at 1.81 – Taisia Dobrovitskaya (Blr), Joyner-Kersee and Wlodarczyk (Pol). Svetla Dimitrova cleared the initial height 1.60 at second try and made three fouls at 1.63…Left knee hearted so strongly… In Group B only three got 1.81 – Petra Vaideanu (Rou), Birgit Clarius and Russian Tatayan Zhuravlyova….

At Shot put Svetla Dimitrova and German Birgit Clarius targeted exactly one at the same mark – 15.46 m! That was in Group A. Nikitina shot 15.38 m, Sabine Braun 14.62, Buraga 14.55, Joyner-Kersee 14.38, 2 sm behind Petra Vaideanu…In Group B Kym Carter push the ball to 15.41, almost 2 meters ahead of her compatriot DeDe Nathan 13.75…

The 200 m run was late in the evening. In Heat 1 Dimitrova was in fifth lane, Joyner-Kersse – in eighth. Jackie went out with perfect bend passing and led to Svetla. But Dimitrova cathed Joyner-Kersee (somewhere with 60 m to go) and eventually finished first the final in 23.10 (0.0), before Joyner-Kersee 23.19, Jane Flemming 23.49, Svetlana Buraga 23.69 and her compatriot Taisia Dobrovitskaya 23.85. Next were Tatyana Blokhina 24.03 and Sabine Braun 24.12. In second heat won Urszula Wlodarczyk 24.12 ahad of Larisa Nikitina 24.52…Kym Carter was winner at Heat 3 with 24.23… Svetla Dimitorova was not among the first three with her poor HJ at overnight. The leader was Jackie Joyner-Kersee 4011, second Svetlana Buraga 4003 third Sabine Braun 3997…

The second day morning turned the things yet on fifth event – the Long Jump. Joyner-Kersee made her third try (7.04) after a scary 6.30 and 6.89 in second attempts…Svetlana Buraga continued to surprise odds with her good appearance – 6.58 yet at first try…. Sabine Braun was steady – 6.54 and Urszula Wlodarczyk made good 6.52 for fourth place in Group A. Zhuravlyova made not bad 6.43. Larisa Nikitina (6.36) was no on her own. Svetla Dimitrova began with 6.32. Instead of improving for the region of 6.50, she leaped at 6.24 and 6.27 without hitting the take-off board… That deprive her of  any chance for medal.

The sixth event – Javelin Throw – defined the placing in the first tenth…. The tall and slim French Nathalie Teppe exploded with 53.92, as did Sabine Braun – 53.44. Second German – Birgit Clarius also exceed 50 m – 50.14. Third Deutsche Beatrice Mau threw 48.86 for the fourth place. Svetla Dimitrova made 47.02 in second attempt, some more than Nikitina 46.82. Behind stayed Joyner Kersee – 43.76, Wlodarczyk satisfied with only 42.64. And Buraga only overtook 40 m barrier – 41.04… In Group B Hellene Aro (Fin) with 48.80 beat the Czech Marcela Podracka 48.50… Could Svetla reach the leaders?...

The 800 m run didn’t change the placings. In Penultimate heat 3 Birgit Clarius with 2:10.00 exactly beat Zhuravlyova 2:11.27 and Finn Tina Rattya 2:11.97. In Heat 4 tall and muscled Kym Carter led the crowd at first lap (400 m 63.95) and increased the gap, finishing ahead for 2:09.82… Svetla Dimitrova battled with Svetlana Buraga for the place behind. Dimitrova couldn’t escape from Buraga chasing and finished second for 2:13.60. Buraga completed third for 5 hundreds more – 2:13.65. That was enough for Belorussian to gain the bronze. Thus world champion for second time became Jackie Joyner-Kersee with 6837 points, only 40 (!) points ahead of Sabine Braun, who won silver with 6797. Third was Svetlana Buraga 6635, only 27 points in front of Svetla Dimitrova (6508). Wlodarczyk finished fifth for 6394, sixth was Carter 6357, seventh Jane Flemming 6343, eight placed Birgit Clarius 6341. Total of 14 contenders exceed 6000 points limit…..The second Bulgarian Yurka Khristova fought with  all her strength but could gain no more 5726 points for 18 th place (14.19; 1.75; 12.19; 25.49/ 5.94; 38.84; 2:16.93)….

The last tournament for such intensive 1993 at Women’s Heptathlon was Decastar meeting in French town Talence on 10-11 September. Svetla Dimitrova was among the invited and yet yearned for revenge. In “her” event – 100 m hurdles – Svetla Dimitrova run ahead for good victory 13.03 (-0.6), before Svetlana Buraga (Blr) 13.28, Jane Flemming (Aus) 13.31, Urszula Wlodarczyk 13.47, Sabine Braun 13.59 and Tatyana Blokhina 13.69… In another heat good commence occurred for Russian Lyudmila Mikhaylova 13.64 ahead of muscle and mighty Kym Carter 13.67…..At High Jump Blokhina made pb with 1.91, ahead of Sabine Braun 1.85, Kym Carter 1.82, Five succeed at 1.79 – Rita Inancsi, Nathalie Teppe, Lyudmila Mikhaylova, Svetlana Buraga 1.79 and Larisa Nikitina…. Svetla could handle with only 1.61 m….

At Shot putting Blokhina was surprisingly good – 14.94 in fron of Carter 14.90 and Larisa Nikitina 14.54…. Well below their own were Svetla Dimitrova with “only” 13.94 and Sabine Braun 13.49… Svetla Dimitrova edged all other at 200 m with 23.37 (-0.4), some 10 meters ahead of Tatyana Blokhina 23.95 and Jane Flemming 24.15. In second Heat Kym Carter overrun the rest with 24.00 (+0.6) in front of Lyudmila Mikhaylova 24.06 and Wlodarczyk 24.58……

Tatyana Blokhina was overnight winner. Second half began optimistic for Svetla Dimitrova. Long Jump was successful – 6.61 (+0.9) and second spot, only after surprising leap of Kym Carter at 6.65 (+0.5)…Lyudmila Mikhaylova jumped 6.36, Wlodarczyk – 6.32… Only 5.99 registered the current leader Tatyana Blokhina and Sabine Braun recorded three fouls!

At Javelin Nathalie Teppe threw the spear so far – at 57.56 m (!) in front and for joy of home crowd….Blokhina made excellent 52.16 to maintain her advance….Inancsi was good – 46.60, as Petra Vaideanu 46.62 and Finn Tina Rättyä 45.04… Svetla was on her own with steady 45.02.

The 800 m run was a triumph for Tatyana Blokhina. She could “hang” to Kym Carter (2:08.39) and eventually crossed the finish line at 2:09.65. Third was Tatyana Zhuravlyova 2:11.81, fourth Tina Rättyä – 2:12.02.. Svetla straggled for fifth place with Jane Flemming…and could overtake her. Dimitrova run for 2:13.87 ahead of Flemming – 2:14.02 and Petra Vaideanu 2:15.03…. So the final score occured as follows: 1.Tatyana Blokhina 6703 pb, 2.Svetla Dimitrova 6415, 3.Jane Flemming 6221, 4.Wlodarczyk 6136, 5.Kym Carter 6114, 6.Rita Inancsi 6113. 7. Tina Rättyä 6034, 8.Tatyana Zhuravlyova 6025, 9.Nathalie Teppe 6012……The coach Iliyan Pishtikov and Svetla have had already decided – that had to be LAST HEPTATHLON for Svetla Dimitrova in her carrier. The impossibility to accomplish good appearance at HJ (because of her left knee pain) forced Svetla Dimitrova to leave multiple events and to concentrate only on 100 m hurdles!!!!


Only Yurka Khristova remained as “pure” heptathlete in Bulgaria, where it became almost impossible to develop and maintain such kind of event…..At Bulgarian Individual Champ on 04-05 June Yurka became Champion with 5562 (14.11; 1.74; 12.05; 25.14/ 5.82; 36.94; 2:25.19), ahead of Antonia Yordanova 4851 and Iva Koleva-Vasileva 4670….

At 02-03 July in Tallinn European Cup of Combined events Group B held. The women’s contest transferred into a kind of triple match Lithuania-Latvia-Bulgaria (only one greek women arrived – Athina Papasothiriou, but she dropped after third event)….. Yurka was the main rival for Remigija Nazarovene (Ltu) who won eventually with 6091 (13.71; 1.80; 13.88; 24.51/ 5.97; 42.30; 2:20.00). Yurka Khristova was distant second with 5694 (13.87; 1.77; 11.95; 25.38/ 5.92; 38.24; 2:24.23). Third with pb ranked the charming Antonia Yordanova 5208 (14.89; 1.74; 9.92; 25.71/ 5.87; 34.50; 2:27.09), ahead of Latvian Kristine Suharevska 5184…Sixth was Iva Koleva-Vasileva with 4831 (14.40; 1.71; 8.11; 25.68/ 5.82; 18.38; 2:25.09) and eighth – Lidia Ilieva 4509 points….

A week later in Trikala (Greece) held Balkaniade. Yurka Khristova became Balkan Heptathlon Champion on 09-10 July with 5710 (14.19; 1.81; 11.91; 25.48/ 6.12; 38.66; 2:26.38)….


At Individual Champ in Plovdiv on 03-04 June 1995 winner became Antonia Yordanova-Stoyanova with 5316 (14.2; 1.75; 10.65; 25.1/ 5.95; 37.82; 2:42.5), ahead of hurdler Silvia Penkova 4555 (13.6; 1.50; 8.03; 24.9/ 5.41; 17.26; 2:30.3).

At European Cup for combined events 1th League in Valladolid, Spain on 01-02 July 1995 Bulgarians took part in such format of contest for the LAST TIME!!! Our women’s team ranked seventh with score of 15203 points. Yurka Khristova took ninth place 5549 (14.38; 1.75; 12.21; 26.30/ 6.03; 40.30; 2:27.04). Antonia Yordanova-Stoyanova was 17th with 5271 (14.85; 1.69; 10.64; 25.38/ 6.12; 34.34; 2:29.58). Silvia Penkova (Kinevska) ranked 25th with 4383 points, 26th was Evelina Mitkova Milenova with 4198 points…..

Antonia Stoyanova was due to start at 13th European Junior Champs in Nyiregyhaza. The Pentathlon was scheduled for 27-28 July….Fifteen contenders made task of Antonia not so difficult. But Stoyanova couldn’t take advantage of the situation…..At first event – 100 m hurdles – Antonia achieved 15.15. She tried to amend with pb at HJ – 1.76, as high as the Datch Judith van Gorp. Higher could clear only Finn Annu Montell and Russian Elisaveta Shalygina – 1.79… Tony was weak with her 10.19 at SP. Here the Finns Annu Montell (13.46) and Katja Ripatti (13.40) were above all… In first heat of 200 m Russian Maria Kapitonova gave 25.11 and Dutch Maaike Olsthoorn 25.17 were faster that the two in Second Heat – Antonia Stoyanova (25.49) and Katja Ripatti 25.62…

Second day commenced with Long Jump. Elisaveta Shalygina just pipped six meter barrier – she recorded 5.97 m. Second ranked German Christine Krauss 5.94 and for third place tied Antonia Stoyanova and Russian Kapitonova – 5.93 m…. At Javelin Throwing French Sophie Mepoint and Italian Deborah Feltrin tied with exactly 43.80 m, a fraction ahead of Katja Ripatti 43.30 and the leader Annu Montell 42.80… Antonia Stoyanova was not good thrower with 34.74. Faster at 800 m run was Elisaveta Shalygina with 2:20.55, but that was not enough for her to catch up the leader Annu Montell. For Finn it was enough to show 2:26.31 to keep the advance. Montell became European champion with 5546, second ranke Shalygina 5476, third Katja Ripatti 5394, fourth French Sophie Mepoint 5371, fifth German Christine Krauss 5365, sixth Romanian Mihaela Stanescu 5286, only nine (!) points ahead of Antonia Stoyanova, who ranked seventh with personal best of 5277 points, other two points in front of German Stefanie Rombach 5275…..

The participation of Antonia Yordanova-Stoyanova in Nyiregyhaza was THE LAST BIG CHAMP in which any Bulgarian (so far) has had appeared…

After that Bulgarian Women’s Heptathlon slided down and down and since 1995 up to nowadays on nobody could even reach 5000 points barrier….

Alexander Vangelov for Decathlon 2000

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