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Re: A Disturbing Trend...
Posted: Apr 24, 2007
Morning Guys, i was reading about this "problem"and in italy we have the same problem( also is we never had a very strong deca cultur , the problem, here , is the latino mind !!they love too much to stay in bar or to play soccer!)

i remenber when i had 20 y old , in the races there were as 30 athlets , now when i go in some race , where i run and i see my athlets , we re around 15 the 1th day and in the 2 th we finish in 8!!and no all arrive near 6000points !!

very very problem, for me is so sad to see that but that is really!

Re: Decathlon Training
Posted: Apr 06, 2007
Usually for me and my athlets , 1 saturday before the decathlon we make a little race-trainer: we work with the speed( 4x30 2x60) 3 long jump , 6 shot and 1 x 800 metres ( with time that u can run a 1500).all taht just for adapted the mind under stress for to make a mesure or time.

then for the last week we work not a lot, but just hurdles, some start , some pole , and we keep the level of speed very high and never to feel u tired , and enjoy this sport.

have g day

Re: Finland 2007 european indoor master
Posted: Feb 06, 2007
Thank ChrisB , so now i know that i must make more !maybe some years ago i can do batter only in 60hs and 1000

thanks a lot for your answer,

unfortunatly i dont know the point for the mm55

have g day et a la procaine

a biento!!



hi guys, i readed with intresting the Example Workouts: (spring time by Clyde Hart )i like il , and i w love to propose also my example ( i m using this from one year for my 3 athlets )during the sring time,: 4x100 rest 2' ( run at 80 %)+8'rest +1x500 ( 1'10-1'15 where the first 200 m run easly( around 30" and then with progressive final)+full rest+3x100 rest 2' (run at 88 %) + 6 ' rest + 1x 300 at 100%
total metres 1500
thank s to read