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What attracts you to the decathlon?

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Posted: Aug 31, 2011
Just wondering why we're all here. I mean, on a decathlon forum. What attracts you to this event?

There's a few things for me. First, I like Track & Field in general, because there's no deception in the competition and no spin in the coverage. If you run the fastest time, you win. It's very honest. No room for nonsense.

Then within track there are a couple of reasons I like the decathlon event. I like the checks and balances. It's not one of those events that you can win with an extreme body type. Some events favor a lighter body, some a heavier, some longer, some shorter. Some events can be mastered in different ways. The decathlon is more about honestly knowing yourself and then planning and executing accordingly. You can't use steroids, or any other substance to win the decathlon. Anything you attemped to use might help you in one event, but hurt you in another. There'd be no point in cheating.

I also like that when you learn the decathlon you learn all the events. That's my favorite part actually. I like all the events. Even stuff like the hammer, triple jump or steeple chase that aren't part of the decathlon. I want to master all events. The Decathlon is a great excuse for working on at least 10 events.
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Posted: Aug 31, 2011
ok so this is way off topic.
Let me start by saying i am very ashamed to say that i do not know the answer to the question i am about to ask.
I am a uge decathlon fan and former decathlete.

Roman sebrle and thomas van tied at world championships. what is the rule on who wins? i was thinking that since thomas beat sebrle in 6 of the 10 that is why he won but i am not sure
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Posted: Sep 04, 2011
For me, I love the camaraderie between decathletes. I've yet to see another event with competitiors that are as supportive or encouraging as the multis. At the same time, the competition is fierce and the training is grueling. 10 events in 2 days that require all of your physical abilities, and ending with a race to see who has the most guts; there is no better test of athleticism. I also like that fact that it takes a long time to become great at. You aren't automatically a great dec just because you're strong or fast, you must find a way to express your athleticism in ten different ways. You must figure out your own way to master every event, even if it takes years of training and retraining certain habits.
But I think the part that keeps me going is the chase for perfection. The thought of that perfect competition when you can put together ten of your best events in sequence; when you can leave the track with no regrets, because you know you couldn't have done any better.

Oh and B.J., I believe the tiebreaker goes to whoever scored higher in the most events, so you were right
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Posted: Sep 05, 2011
I admire people who are good at so many different events. I managed to be mediocre at one event. I often said to myself, "how can they be so good in so many diverse events".

As a young boy, Bob Mathis amazed me. How could a high school boy be the best in the world at a set of ten events. (One reason: in 1948 so many men of prime decathlon age were impacted by WW II). Then came the epic Johnson - Yang struggle, and others thru the years. I have to admit that I was also drawn to the event because so many of the champion decathletes in my early years were Americans like me.

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Posted: Sep 03, 2016
When I was younger I was enthralled by the variety and challenge in the sport I love. Having just finished my first decathlon in 32(!) years I realize the spark is still there, and even more, because now it really is for the love of the event. I had forgotten the camaraderie of the men...and how easy it is to hurt myself as a masters athlete (takeoff knee, ankle). Now if I could just figure out how to lose either 25 years or 25 pounds!!
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