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Dmitri Karpov – Winner in Talence (0)

Sep 19, 2006

The last meeting of the 2006 edition of the IAAF World Combined Events Challenge was held in Talence over the weekend. Dmitri Karpov from Kazakhstan won the competition with 8438 points, Aleksei Drozdov (RUS) finished the second with 8208 and Roman Šebrle (CZE) was the third with 8170 points.

The first three were closely followed by Aleksandr Pogorelov (RUS) with 8119, Romain Barras (FRA) with 8116 and Jon Ryan Harlan (USA) with 8022 points.

Tomaš Dvorak, who had announced that this decathlon would remain his last, finished his outstandingly successful career with 7948 points, which placed him 8th in Talence.

For the first time Karpov was crowned the Challenge Winner, the total of points from his three best decathlons reaching 25,145. Šebrle collected 25,029 points and finished the second, whereas Attila Zsivoczky (HUN), who did not compete in Talence, took the third place with 24,950.

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