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The CLOSING of Decathlon 2000 - goodbye or welcome back? (0)

Janek Salmistu
Oct 07, 2013

I am Janek Salmistu the coordinator – organizer of Decathlon 2000. This is a message from me to all the people who used the site in the last  years, the fans, the athletes, the reporters, the organizers of meetings and all those who love multi events.

I want to thank you. Thank you for being a fan of Decathlon 2000! It’s very embarrassing to say it, but my financial status is very low and at the moment I can’t develop the site I love very much. I can’t even keep running the site that I thought would be a lifelong project that was very dear to me.

Lately I lost my partner/sponsor in my country and all is falling down, so please I need your help! There is possibly an outcome.

All those years the information was for free. Thousands of hours where dedicated to the project (all for free for the user). Meanwhile there were athletics sites, often with less accurate data who asked a contribution.

Do you really cherish decathlon 2000? If so, and you really value it, you will understand that we have to accept the support of the enthusiasts of decathlon and heptathlon.

If you feel like helping to keep running Decathlon 2000, you can make a contribution by sending in a donation, even a small one! You can do it via PayPal

or directly to my bank account - BIC/SWIFT HABAEE2X, IBAN EE052200001103680944, Janek Salmistu, Swedbank

We can try to work it out together. THANKS!


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