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Janek Salmistu
Sep 29, 2010

I’m proud to announce to all fans of combined events that the decathlon’s blog in Spanish inside Decathlon 2000 website is out and running now! The owner of blog is Néstor Calixto, acknowledged decathlon historian and statistician.

You can follow to the blog right here: Decathlon 2000 Spanish

Bienvenidos a Decathlon 2000 En Español
El récord perdido del Decatlón cubano… 20 años después
Un nuevo miembro para la “Armada caribeña de Decatlón”… desde República Dominicana

PS:. All users had an opportunity to open a blog on Decathlon 2000 site, like Nestor did. I do believe that many users have schemes to write a blog in language wherein they are talking, like in English, in German, in French, in Italian, in Swedish, in Finnish of in Dutch. Now you have a chance for that. Please let me know if you are concerned.


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