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Sep 06, 2010

You might wonder now, what that means… Well, we actually didn't know any other term starting with "D", and so we chose the Austrian translation for "Top Ten". That's the way they would pronounce it… The "Top Ten" are the best ten decathletes that are introduced every year in Götzis.

Top Ten Decathletes in Götzis 2002

On the picture you can see the Top Ten Decathletes in Götzis 2002.

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Total 10 best decathlons
Ten best decathlons in whole career.
Michael Schrader
Michael Schrader won the silver medal at the World Championships in Moscow 2013, becoming the first German decathlete to make it to the podium at the World Championships since Frank Busemann took the bronze medal in Athens 1997.
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