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June 15, 2010

Hello all lovers of combined events!

Are you an athlete dying to know how you are sizing up against your competition? Are you a coach, parent, or fan of an athlete that keeps track of every detail of a meet? Tired of using a clipboard to track that meet? Then the Bryan Clay Meet Tracker is the perfect solution for you!

You can look at it here:

Bryan and I trained together in college and he's the former olympic gold medalist and former indoor world champion. He's using his influence to motivate youth via the Bryan Clay Foundation. It's a good cause.

Please visit Clay's site.

If you twitter, facebook, or you can help by tweeting that you know someone who wrote an iPhone app and include the above link. Even if you don't know anyone who's a decathlete/heptathlete, the spike in twitter traffic will get the attention of some services on the web.

Most of all, if you haven't connected with me on facebook you can find me at: or Add me as a friend or follow me.

Just thought I'd show what I was up to and ask for your support.


Jordan Hudgens

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