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For the third time in the program: Team Competition (0)

Feb 03, 2009

To add more intrigue to the meet, for the third time there's also men’s Team Competition in the program.

There will be 2 competitors from the same country in each Team. The sum of the final points of both competitor will determine the final standings. There can be more than one Team from one country.

From all competitors who are the only representatives of their country, mixed 2 membered Teams will be composed by drawing as follows: these competitors will be divided into 2 equally sized groups, one having the higher and the other lower scoring PB’s. Each competitor having a higher scoring PB will make up a team with one athlete from the group of the ones having a lower PB.

During the competition it is not allowed to change the members of the Teams.

Teams 1st day
Teams 2nd day

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