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Heptathlon points calculator (3)

Sep 11, 2010

Multi-Events scoring, we like it!

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60 m: s
Long Jump: m cm 0
Shot Put: m 0
High Jump: m cm 0
Total points for 1. day: 0
60 m hurdles: s
Pole Vault: m cm 0
1000 m: min s 0
Total points for 2. day: 0
Total: 0

Comments (3)

Janek Salmistu wrote on Feb 15, 2010
Re: How do you figure points in meets where they use 55 meter hurdles and 55 meter dash?

NCAA has come up with coefficients which are to be used to multiply the results in 55 metres before starting to calculate points using the standard formula. They have even created a scoring table on their website, but unfortunately I don’t have a link.

I tried out the coefficients, but it turned out that the results of multiplying with the coefficient and of the scoring table differed by one or two points. However, they also state themselves that the coefficients are used ONLY for comparing NCAA qualification norms since in some universities and colleges it’s not possible to run 60 metres.
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Arnoldas Stanelis wrote on Feb 23, 2010
gera programa ;D
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king110 wrote on Feb 28, 2010
I think I could score 5600+... but I'm a hurdler now!
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